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Facebook has made any official statement that a team of cybersecurity researchers from its parent company Meta have detected 400 malicious apps that were operating on Android and iOS operating systems and were indulging in stealing credentials of its users.

Meta revealed the findings in its latest security report and has urged both the technology giants, i.e., Apple and Google, to take a note of its alert and pull down the apps on an immediate note. Although the world-renowned company did not list out the names of the applications, it revealed the fact that they were lurking in the cyberspace as photo editors, VPN services, business apps and other utilities.

Second is the news related to silicon wafer making company Intel as it has officially disclosed that the source code of its Alder Lake BIOS was accessed by hackers. The processor making giant disclosed in its statement that the repository that was accessed by hackers contained 5.97GB files, including source code, private keys, login details and compilation tools. And from among them, the threat actors only stole the source code related to the 12th generation of Intel Core Processors that are commercially available since December 2021.

Third is the news related to Ukraine and Russian war. On Thursday last week, officials from Ukraine’s State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection (SSSCIP) met the officials of the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENSIA) to strengthen their infrastructure and networking of their national infrastructure.

SSSCIP officials said that other democracies can use the experience of Ukraine in the cyber war with Russia in future and the latest integration with Europe will enable ENISA serve as a special partner and to harmonize the national cybersecurity legislation.

Fourth is the news related to Germany, where the head of the country is about to dismiss the head of the cybersecurity wing for sharing secret information with some Russian security agents. On October 9th,2022, The Federal Office issued a public statement for the Information Security (BSI) and a media resource leaked out that the details were shared with a former member of KGB who established Protelion nee Infotecs. More details with clarity are awaited!


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