Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

First, is the news that the Indian government has launched its own Mobile Operating systems that have capabilities to take on international rivals like iOS and Android. Within the next few weeks, the government of the sub-continent is preparing to release an indigenous mobile operating system that has the potential to offer a health competition to American technology giants and will be safe to use in the current cyber threat landscape.

Called as IndOS, the OS will be available on devices being sold on the Indian subcontinent and will have all pre-loaded government apps that are there to service the citizen. Though, it might appear as a bloatware to device manufactures in the initial stages. But is said to serve the populace with all necessary applications like Arogya Setu, MTNL and a centralized police controlled applications linked to a database in Delhi.

For the mobile consumers of the Shri Narender Modi led government, Android occupies 97 percent of mobile share while Apple iOS holds little less. IndOS is said to grab the customer share of Android at least in India and is said to protect them from financial frauds, data thefts and other such dangers.

2.) Second is the news that belongs to Royal Mail as the parcel delivery service from Britain has asked its customers to refrain themselves from sending parcels abroad until further notice.

In a statement issued by the delivery giant yesterday, the 5 centuries old non-profit government organization is busy investigating a cyber incident that brought its operations to knees from early this month.

Russia linked hackers group dubbed LockBit Ransomware is suspected to be behind the cyber attack and a probe is still on.

3.) Third, is the news related to an anti-virus firm that is also into the business of cybersecurity. Norton LifeLock has issued an official update that hackers targeted its servers, leading to a data breach of over 6000 premium customers.

The company that is now owned by Symantec has sent notices to affected customers, as per the update available on the Attorney General’s website of Vermont. The attack reportedly took place when the hacker gained access to the password manager accounts and used their usernames and password logins to siphon data.

4.) Twitter is hitting the news headlines of Google from the past two days, as a New York state resident Stephan Gerber has sued the social media giant for showing laxity in protecting the data of its users leading to a data leak of about 200 million user accounts or even more, segregated between June 2021 to January 2022.

Gerber claims in his court order that the Elon Musk led company should start paying monetary benefits to all the impacted users and must require hiring a 3rd party data forensic firm for attack summary and information loss auditing and protecting the user information, from here-on.

5.) Nissan North America released a press update that an attack at a third-party vendor caused an information leak of its 17,998 customers on June 21st 2022. The auto maker also updated the same to the Office of the Maine Attorney General on Jan 16th of this year and stated that the database related to R&D was exposed to hackers because of a misconfiguration blunder committed by a staff member.

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