Facebook and Instagram collect immense data from users

In today’s digital age, nearly one in ten individuals possesses a Facebook account, and a comparable user base is anticipated for Instagram, now under the ownership of Meta, the parent company of Facebook. However, the revelation that these platforms extensively gather user data raises concerns about privacy. A recent study by Surfshark sheds light on […]

Twitter fired its Information Security head for cutting budget on data security and privacy

Elon Musk has been making headlines recently, not only for his contentious remarks against his company’s investors but also for the abrupt dismissal of his Information Security head. The focus of the controversy lies in allegations made by Alan Rosa, the former head of Information Security and Technology at TESLA. Rosa accused Musk of pushing […]

Anonymous Sudan launched Cyber Attack on X formerly Twitter

In a digital age where the lines between activism and hacking are increasingly blurred, Anonymous Sudan, a self-proclaimed hacktivist group with ties to the Russian Federation, recently launched a cyber-attack on the servers of the social media giant formerly known as Twitter, now known simply as “X.” This brazen attack disrupted the platform’s services for […]

Twitter sues companies for data scraping to corner Facebook Meta Thread

In recent news, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has introduced an app called “Thread,” which closely resembles Twitter in terms of features and functionality. The app is now available for free download on the Google Play Store, offering users a similar experience to what the Musk-led company provides. According to a report from reputable […]

US Senate concerned about Twitter Data Privacy and Security

A group of lawmakers and privacy experts have raised concerns about the security of user data on Twitter following the departure of key senior officials and the company’s recent acquisition by Elon Musk. In an effort to address these concerns, they have sent a letter to Twitter’s management, urging them to provide a comprehensive report […]

Technology based acquisition news trending on Google

IBM has made a smart move to address the issue of cloud data protection by acquiring Polar Security, a company specializing in automated data protection. The tech giant has officially announced that this new acquisition will assist companies in tackling problems related to shadow data and software-as-a-service application data. With the increasing adoption of cloud […]

Is Twitter Blue Tick removal a data security concern

A few years back, many people started creating fake twitter profiles to propagate fake news and to indulge in an other kind of online crimes. Later Twitter, that is now owned by Elon Musk, took stringent steps to curb the rise of fake profiles by issuing a “Verified Blue Tick” mark to all those profiles […]

Twitter works on secret AI project in contradiction to sayings of owner Elon Musk

For the past few months, Elon Musk, the current owner of Twitter, has urged AI-based firms to pause their R&D developments unless the White House figures out a way to take complete control over AI. However, in contradiction to what is being said and preached, Twitter, which occupies the second rung place in the list […]

Source Code of Twitter leaked on GitHub

Twitter issued a public statement stating that parts of its source code were leaked on GitHub and that its officials were trying their best to file a DMCA to take down the leaked content from the web and identify the user who submitted the content to the web-based software development platform. The leaked information includes […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

First, is the news that the Indian government has launched its own Mobile Operating systems that have capabilities to take on international rivals like iOS and Android. Within the next few weeks, the government of the sub-continent is preparing to release an indigenous mobile operating system that has the potential to offer a health competition […]

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