Twitter API Keys exposed by over 3000+ mobile applications

Security research carried out by CloudSEK has found that over 3000+ mobile applications were exposing Twitter’s API keys, thus providing access to twitter accounts fraudulently. The research also found that among those, over 230 of them belonged to newly started companies that were found leaking authentication related credentials, allowing a complete takeover of twitter accounts. […]

Twitter user data sold for $30k on dark selling forum

A Twitter user named ‘Devil’ has announced the sale of information related to over 5.4 million twitter users siphoned from the social media firm’s database in January this year. In one tweet, the hacker said that the data was stolen after exploiting a vulnerability on the company’s systems. Microblogging website reacted to the news and […]

Twitter now concerned about 53TB of User Data lying with Elon Musk

A few weeks ago, Elon Musk offered a $44 billion deal to Twitter and requested the social media giant to give an exact count of Fake accounts. The firm initially denied the allegations, but later admitted that well over 5% of its total accounts were bot generated. Tesla Chief Musk then issued a statement asking […]

Twitter to take down fake accounts to please Elon Musk and his $44 billion offer

Elon Musk, the Chief of Tesla and Starlink Satellite Internet, offered a $44 billion deal to Twitter. But the only thing he requested was that the company should come clean and take down fake accounts that were bots and generating fake tweets and might also be in use to spread misinformation, blasphemy content, fake likes, […]

Twitter to pay $150m penalty for user data protection failure

Social media giant Twitter has been asked to pay a penalty of $150 million by the federal trade commission for failing to protect its user data over a 6-year span. The Financial implication will be redeemed by FTC and the Justice Department on a joint note. According to the order, Twitter which is soon going […]

Tesla Chief Elon Musk wants Twitter to eliminate 20% of BOT accounts for cybersecurity reasons

  Tesla Chief Elon Musk, who intends to acquire social media giant Twitter for $44 billion, has put the company in a fix. He just wants the networking firm to come clean by deleting 20% of BOT accounts it owns and uses for marketing practices. Twitter’s legal team is planning to lock Musk into a […]

Data mining of Facebook and Twitter posts by China

China is reportedly mining data from users of Facebook and Twitter and the plan is to feed its military with all useful information sieved from the tonnes of data using different AI based machine learning tools. Currently, the focus is majorly on America and UK and will slowly be shifted to Indian users if all […]

Twitter suspends account of hacker obtaining access to Argentina ID Card Database

Argentinian governments Registro Nacional De Las Personas aka ReNaPer Registry has cleared the air that no hack took place on its database last month, as claimed by a hacker with @aniballeaks on Twitter. Also, as a precautionary measure, the Argentinian government sent a request to twitter to suspend the account of the above said handle […]

How to use a physical security key on Twitter and where to get it from

In April this year, social networking giant Twitter made it official that it will allow its physical security keys as a 2FA for its users using its web or app version. Now the Tweeting giant has clarified that users will be allowed to use their security keys as the only form of two factor authentication, […]

Twitter to allow only physical hardware keys for login authentication

All these days we have seen companies providing online services offer multiple security methods for login authentication. Twitter, world’s second largest social networking giant, also allows users to go for bio-metrics or 2FA through passwords for users who wish to keep their logins safe from hackers. However, all is going to change pretty soon as […]

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