Twitter suspends account of hacker obtaining access to Argentina ID Card Database


Argentinian governments Registro Nacional De Las Personas aka ReNaPer Registry has cleared the air that no hack took place on its database last month, as claimed by a hacker with @aniballeaks on Twitter.

Also, as a precautionary measure, the Argentinian government sent a request to twitter to suspend the account of the above said handle as it was causing a dent to its national integrity.

Twitter obliged the request and immediately suspended the account of @aniballeaks who by then published some personal details of over 40 celebrities, including Lionel Messi.

Cybersecurity firm Recorded Future was the first to disclose the details of the suspected hacker who claims to have stolen records of over 45 million Argentinians that include full names, ID card photos, identification numbers and such.

Although the hacker claims to leak more stolen information from the database in coming days, a representative from ReNaPer Registry stated that the claim was absolutely false; adding that the information disclosed about the 40 celebrities was accessed by fraudulently getting the VPN Password from a staff member of the national agency.

Note 1- Early this month, Twitter announced it is going to impose a ban on a few of the twitter handles that are suspected to be linked to hackers from North Korea. And sticking to its statement, the technology giant banned 40+ accounts in October 1st week this year that were confirmed to be operated by a North Korea Hacking gang dubbed Lazarus Group.

Note 2- In September 2020, a hacking group from the Kim UN Jung led nation created a fake company, website and Twitter accounts and tried their best to lure researchers related to COVID-19 Vaccine development. However, before they could have access to the R&D info of the vaccine, the law enforcement agency stepped in and blocked their access after learning about their malevolent motives through their secret investigation.

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