Twitter suspends account of hacker obtaining access to Argentina ID Card Database

Argentinian governments Registro Nacional De Las Personas aka ReNaPer Registry has cleared the air that no hack took place on its database last month, as claimed by a hacker with @aniballeaks on Twitter. Also, as a precautionary measure, the Argentinian government sent a request to twitter to suspend the account of the above said handle […]

Government Data of 10 years gets encrypted by Ransomware in Argentina

According to a press release made by Alicia Banuelos, the Science and Technology Minister of Argentina it’s confirmed that the vital files about the government were encrypted by a ransomware attack which took place on November 25th,2019.   Ms. Alicia said that the data was stored on a server farm which usually houses local government […]

South America power outage could have been caused by a Cyber Attack

South American populace hailing from Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay were left in darkness for several hours on Sunday and that might have been caused by a cyber attack. But officials of electrical grids of the respective countries say that there is no authentic proof that the outage was caused by malware or other means of […]

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