Twitter user data sold for $30k on dark selling forum


A Twitter user named ‘Devil’ has announced the sale of information related to over 5.4 million twitter users siphoned from the social media firm’s database in January this year. In one tweet, the hacker said that the data was stolen after exploiting a vulnerability on the company’s systems.

Microblogging website reacted to the news and released a press statement that it is busy investigating the incident and assured to release more details about the incident as soon as the investigation gets over.

Prima facie revealed that the information was stolen due to a bug existing on the company’s backend servers and could contain details such as phone numbers and email addresses linked to the account.

HackerOne claims to have alerted the world’s top networking giant about the existing vulnerability in its backend servers in January 2022 and added that the susceptibility was fixed by Twitter as soon as they cautioned it.

A HackerOne user dubbed “zhirinovskiy” verified the leaked details and confirmed that they belonged to the existing active twitter users and includes details of celebrities and some renowned politicians around the world. Remember this user is the same guy who received $5k reward in Jan this year, as a part of the California based company’s bug bounty program.

Twitter users across the world are miffed with the fact that the networking giant never informed them about the data breach that took place early this year. And are venting their anger out against the security practices being followed by the American communications giant regarding the storage and protection of user information.


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