Twitter data dump of 235 million users available on web

Adding more embarrassment to last year’s Twitter Data Breach, a new finding on the web has discovered a new database dump exposed on an online hacking forum. It appears to be a big data leak as information related to about 235 million users was found by a cyber intelligence firm named Hudson Rock, based in […]

Hacker wants Elon Musk or Twitter to buy back stolen data

A hacker who is super-active on the hacking forum Ryushi is urging interested prospects to buy sensitive details that were stolen from over 400 million Twitter account users. The hacker claims to have obtained access to the data through a vulnerability on the database and is ready to sell it for a hefty price of […]

Twitter found gathering data from over 70000 websites

Twitter, the world’s second largest social media platform has being caught in a data privacy issue as for the first time, the company that is now being led by Elon Musk is found collecting data from over 70,000 websites that include those belonging to government, retailers, manufacturers, car companies and healthcare related business firms. Going […]

Twitter data breach leaking phone numbers and email IDs was seriously concerning

A Cyber Attack that took place on Twitter is now being considered more serious than what was reported in the 3Q of this year. Going by the details, a hacker reported in July this year that he/she has access to data related to 5 million accounts of Twitter users and includes phone numbers and email […]

Twitter faces massive amounts of disinformation spread threat

From Friday last week, contractors who battled disinformation spread were fired from their jobs and after getting confirmation from the senior management, nearly 89% of staff left the microblogging service office company on a permanent note. Thus, in the past few hours, misinformation spread is taking place on high, as most of the content monitoring […]

Security loopholes in Twitter Bluetick Verification Systems

As expected, Twitter rolled out the campaign to weed out fake accounts by charging for blue tick subscriptions from the second week of this month. However, not all seem to go as per the plan, as the verification systems seem to be filled with security loopholes. According to a discussion thread on Reddit available as […]

Twitter Verified Blue Tick Cyber Scam costing $100

As soon as Tesla Chief Elon Musk took the reign of Twitter as the CEO, the very first move he made was to remove Parag Agarwal and the legal head of the company Vijaya Gadde from their respective jobs. And soon, some more C-level employees are expected to leave the company or face the axe […]

Twitter Edit button can allow hackers to manipulate Tweets

Twitter’s Edit tool will soon be introduced to allow users to edit their tweets within a time frame of 30 seconds. And the tool will only be available to blue tick users who pay $4.99 per month. But a security expert has raised an alarm on this feature, stating that it could allow hackers to […]

Whistleblower claims faults with Twitter Cybersecurity Defense policies

According to a report published on CNN and reaffirmed by The Washington Post, Twitter has been misleading regulators by claiming false cybersecurity practices and foxing them with low fake accounts count. Peiter Zatko, a former Security Chief of the social media giant claimed that all his independent investigations done till February this year proved that […]

Details about the Twitter’s Insider Threat

A former twitter employee is accused of leaking user details to a Saudi Prince and is found guilty of accepting a bribe ranging in thousands of dollars and an expensive watch. Ahmad Abouammo, 44, is the person who worked as an engineer of Twitter in the year 2015. Although he is no more connected to […]

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