Twitter faces massive amounts of disinformation spread threat


From Friday last week, contractors who battled disinformation spread were fired from their jobs and after getting confirmation from the senior management, nearly 89% of staff left the microblogging service office company on a permanent note.

Thus, in the past few hours, misinformation spread is taking place on high, as most of the content monitoring staff were asked either to take leave or sacked on the permanent note.

So, web development companies have employed bots to create fake twitter accounts and fill the social networking website with all illogical data such as blasphemy content, fake news, news related to politicians and celebrities to tarnish their images and what not.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that the Tesla Chief has sacked the content monitoring contractors as they could not put a full stop of fake account creations, although they were given free hand to go against any individual, business or government.

Information is out that Elon Musk has also temporarily given a pause to the $8 campaign of re-verifying the blue tick mark against all accounts until further orders.

To those uninitiated, from November 3rd of this year, the Starlink Internet Company owner has fired a portion of C-level Twitter staff. And from November 6th even the staff in other levels received the sacking letters via email.

From 10th of this month, most of the employees who were working from home could not login to their slack and official email accounts and when they contacted their senior management, they were formally shown the door, with no prior intimation.

A few of them learnt about their job sack when speculations circulated on the media.

Hence, as of now, the content moderation is being conducted through automated servers and so any slight intelligence (smart way to twist the headlines) can help by-pass these servers and make Twitter a platform filled with fake news spread.

NOTE 1- A group discussion on Reddit suggests that Mr. Musk might be on a cost cutting spree and so is seen sacking the staff to bring down CAPEX n OPEX-costs. If this is the case, then how will the millions of users be catered to their needs then….? Strange……isn’t it?

NOTE 2- Facebook parent company Meta is also following the same principle of firing employees as Mark Zuckerberg is facing immense economic losses.


Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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