Twitter found gathering data from over 70000 websites


Twitter, the world’s second largest social media platform has being caught in a data privacy issue as for the first time, the company that is now being led by Elon Musk is found collecting data from over 70,000 websites that include those belonging to government, retailers, manufacturers, car companies and healthcare related business firms.

Going deep into the details, Twitter provides an analytics tool to interested parties that helps in keeping a track of visitors on a website. It is called Pixel tool and includes HTTPS requests to dot com

Details are in that the tool gathered information is being stored on the servers of the Musk company and the practice hasn’t stopped even after the shuffle of the senior management under the lead of the Tesla Chief.

Concerning, the gathered data includes IP addresses, payment details and user activity on a website.

Apple doesn’t indulge in such marketing campaigns that are being offered for $160,000 per campaign. Tesla and SpaceX have paid a premium to get enlisted in this data gathering campaign.

Websites that are found using twitter’s Pixel tool are: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Department of Health & Human Services, Doctors without Borders website, FAFSA website, City University of New York, Purdue University, University of California, Johns Hopkins University, University of Washington, and more.

If car makers use the tool, then Tesla owner Musk can gather info related to users visiting the company websites and start a counter marketing campaign to turn the website leads into sales.


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