Twitter works on secret AI project in contradiction to sayings of owner Elon Musk


For the past few months, Elon Musk, the current owner of Twitter, has urged AI-based firms to pause their R&D developments unless the White House figures out a way to take complete control over AI. However, in contradiction to what is being said and preached, Twitter, which occupies the second rung place in the list of the world’s most popular social media platforms, is reportedly working on a secret generative AI project that can be in line with the Microsoft-owned and OpenAI project ChatGPT.

According to a source, work on the sizable language model began in November 2022, and the richest man has poached two senior AI researchers from DeepMind to take the lead on the project for quick developments.

It must be noted over here that Mr. Musk was one of the active directors in OpenAI until 2018, and it was after his exit that he started trumpeting negativity about the existence and developments in AI technology.

Commenting on the same, after receiving backlash from his tweet followers, Musk claimed that OpenAI was created as an open-source platform to cater to the needs of all online users and be treated as an alternative to Google. However, things started to change when Microsoft took complete control over the adaptive technology and is intending to maximize profits for its investment within no time.

It is unclear whether the developments in generative language are being done with or without the consent of the Tesla Chief. However, trade analysts state that the microblogging website operates with a zeal to make profits, and since generative AI is currently trending as earning pots, investing or working in developing such machine learning models makes complete sense.

NOTE: In March 2023, Elon Musk signed an open letter along with 1000 other technologists and researchers to suspend the creation of AI products for six months or until the risks are resolved. The statement was later passed on to the FTC through the Musk-funded Future of Life Institute by the end of last month. As per a report published in The Independent, the electric car manufacturing company chief has purchased 10,000 graphic card units to be used in the development.

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