Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google


First is the news related to Kodi Media Player software as a hacker is claiming to have accessed and stolen details related to about 400,000 Kodi users, now being dumped on a hackers’ forum. Interestingly, the hackers stole the data after stealing the login credentials of Admin console and siphoned information related to backups. Scientific analysis confirmed that the actual user MyBB admin of Kodi did not access and steal the information and was affirmed to be the work of cyber criminals.

Second is the news related to yacht maker Lurssen, a Germany company that is also into the business of making heavyweight military sea-going vessels. Local newspaper has reported that it disrupted the operations of the company since early last week. However, the recovery is under progress and is anticipated to be completed by this weekend.

Third is the news related to sea ports based in Canada. As per the details available to our Cybersecurity Insiders in the Port of Halifax, located in Nova Scotia, the Ports at Montreal and Quebec, both based in province of Quebec, were digitally disrupted by a cyber-attack. Currently, the information about the variant that struck the IT infrastructure is yet to be established. However, unconfirmed sources claim that the attack could be of ransomware variant and might be the work of a hacker’s group from Sudan. Presently, preliminary analysis suggests that there is a data breach in their network.

Microsoft Azure news is the fourth news that is trending on the google platform and is related to shared key authorization that is enabled by default when created to info storage accounts. Analysis conducted by Orca Security researchers suggests that hackers can get full access to the data environment via the default backdoor. However, Microsoft Security Response Center claims that the backdoor is not a vulnerability in actual and can be customizingly disabled as a resilience against attacks by the admin tools…. now that’s interesting!

Hyundai has made an official announcement yesterday that a data breach has leaked information related to its Italian and French Car owners and those who walked into the showroom for the test drive. Details such as telephone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses and vehicle chassis numbers were apparently leaked to the hackers- that can lead to social engineering attacks.

HR service provider SD Worx has experienced a cyber attack prompting the staff of the business to shut down all its IT systems suspending services to Ireland and the UK. The company which holds over 5.1 million employees and serves over 82,000 companies is busy investigating the incident and has assured us to offer updates at the earliest.

Iowa Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is back in the news as it became a victim of a digital attack that led to the personal data leak of over 20,800 Iowa populace using Medicaid. Information is out that the attack occurred on a healthcare provider’s contractor and the breach occurred between June 30th and July 5th of 2022. More details are awaited!


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