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Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

First is the news related to Kodi Media Player software as a hacker is claiming to have accessed and stolen details related to about 400,000 Kodi users, now being dumped on a hackers’ forum. Interestingly, the hackers stole the data after stealing the login credentials of Admin console and siphoned information related to backups. Scientific […]

Cloud Security vulnerability detected on Microsoft Azure

Check Point security researchers seem to be taking their job seriously as every week a study made by them discloses to the world vulnerability or the detection of malware in the cyberspace.   The latest flaw happens to be with Microsoft’s Prestigious Azure Cloud Platform as Check Point’s research says that their study has found […]

Rewards to hack Microsoft Azure, Apple iPhone, and iOS

Microsoft, the American software giant has launched a dedicated cloud environment for security researchers to launch attacks on scenarios which involve Infrastructure as a service.   Launched at Black Hat USA 2019 Conference and Dubbed as Azure Security Lab, the service happens to host dedicated servers for hackers to exploit and launch test attacks on […]

Microsoft Azure offers Cloud support for IoT Security

Microsoft Azure has announced that it is going to offer cloud support for IoT security. Thus, with the official declaration, the said cloud services provider happens to be the world’s first cloud platform to deliver end-to-end and unified approach towards the security of the Internet of Things. “Azure Security Center for IoT has been specifically […]

Google Engineers refuse to build Air Gap Cloud Security for US Military

News is out that Engineers from Google have refused to build customized cloud security applications for US Defense. And FYI, all this happened while Google is chasing the $10 billion JEDI contract of US Defense to choose a single cloud vendor to provide wholesome services to the Department of Defense (DoD) for up to 10 […]

McAfee offers cloud security extensively to Microsoft Azure users

McAfee, the Santa Clara based security software company has announced that it has extended its Cloud Security Platform consistently to protect Microsoft Azure users. Thus, with the announcement the company happens to deliver the industry’s most extensive solution to secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service(SaaS). As per the analysis of security analysts, […]

Microsoft Azure Backups are now Ransomware protected!

Data Backups are turning into lifelines to businesses as they help firms to recover from data loss in the event of catastrophic disasters. But when we look at the new levels of ransomware doing the damage in 2017, one can easily get a feeling that it’s getting hard to keep the cloud-based backups isolated from […]

Symantec uses Microsoft Azure Cloud Security to support users of Norton Security Products

Microsoft has made a public statement saying that Symantec is now using Azure Cloud Security to support users of Norton Security products. The announcement clarifies that Symantec has moved “105 Critical Consumer Digital Safety Capabilities” to Microsoft’s data centers in order to support things like reputation scoring, security telemetry, and advanced threat protection. The announcement […]

Google to offer new Titan Chips enriched Cloud Secure Services

Internet Juggernaut Google has decided to enrich its public cloud services with Titan Chips. The move is said to help differentiate the web services giant from the offering of its rivals Amazon Web Services Inc and Microsoft Corporations Azure. Google has decided to make an official announcement in this regard on Thursday this week and […]


This post was originally published here by Suda Srinivasan. MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–(Marketwired – Jan 17, 2017) – Dome9 Security, a leader in cloud infrastructure security, today announced native support for the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform. With this release, Dome9’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) security platform provides built-in, API-enabled integration with Azure, the public cloud of choice for many […]

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