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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–(Marketwired – Jan 17, 2017) – Dome9 Security, a leader in cloud infrastructure security, today announced native support for the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform. With this release, Dome9’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) security platform provides built-in, API-enabled integration with Azure, the public cloud of choice for many global enterprises. Azure customers can now leverage the powerful control fabric offered by the Dome9 Arc platform to manage security and compliance across their Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure environments.

The Dome9 Arc platform allows security and operations teams to visualize the network security posture and exposure levels by analyzing network security groups and attached network-based assets like virtual machines, load balancers, and database services in their Azure environments. Customers can detect and audit changes to security policies across Azure subscriptions and regions, correlate security events in the Azure Security Center, and continuously monitor their state of compliance. This enables security operations teams to quickly identify and proactively resolve misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that could lead to downtime or costly breaches.

“Microsoft Azure has realized exceptional growth and adoption and is a stalwart in an industry that is just scratching the surface of its potential,” said Zohar Alon, CEO and co-founder of Dome9. “The growth of Azure reflects the intensifying push by enterprises to move to a cloud-first strategy and the need to run mission-critical applications and services. The public cloud has become the destination of choice for business applications, and the focus has shifted to requiring security solutions that are built specifically for public cloud environments.”

Native API-based support for Azure and AWS uses the powerful security controls offered by the cloud providers and eliminates the need to install and manage agents in highly dynamic cloud environments. With the proliferation of platform services such as databases and load balancers where it is not possible to install agents, an agentless approach is the preferred method.

Dome9 Arc combines cloud-native integration with Azure and AWS and cloud-agnostic policy orchestration, giving customers the ability to specify and manage security policies uniformly across different cloud services. Dome9 delivers an exceptional breadth of capabilities and services that allow businesses to visualize security and risk postures, detect and fix misconfigurations, and enforce adherence to a gold standard baseline while meeting compliance and governance requirements.

“Microsoft Azure delivers industry-grade security for the most demanding environments,” said Ryan McGee, director, security product marketing, Microsoft Corp. “By supporting Azure natively using our powerful API, Dome9 is enhancing the security capabilities of the cloud platform and enabling users to protect their corporate assets.”

Support for Azure is available immediately to all Dome9 customers. For more information on Dome9 Arc pricing tiers and purchasing options, please visit


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