Rewards to hack Microsoft Azure, Apple iPhone, and iOS


Microsoft, the American software giant has launched a dedicated cloud environment for security researchers to launch attacks on scenarios which involve Infrastructure as a service.


Launched at Black Hat USA 2019 Conference and Dubbed as Azure Security Lab, the service happens to host dedicated servers for hackers to exploit and launch test attacks on IaaS platforms to expose possible vulnerabilities on Azure.


What’s interesting in this whole process is that those hackers who find faults on the platform will get a reward of 300,000 US dollars if they happen to prove it in practice.


Similarly, another American tech giant Apple Inc has also announced a reward of $1 million to hackers who could find vulnerabilities in its iPhones and iOS. And the trait is that the program will be open to all hackers, unlike the previous one which was only open to those who were invited to the bug bounty program.


As a part of the Mac Bug Bounty program announced at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, details are out that those who hack Apple Watch and the Apple TVs operating systems will also be rewarded as per their faulty tech discoveries.


Cybersecurity Insiders has received an official update from the Redmond giant that to those who hack the iPhone to the kernel and the core of iOS- with minimum user interaction will get $1 million. And those who do the cyber attack with no user interaction will get a $500,000 reward.


The iPhone maker has also announced that those hackers who find faults in its about-to release software will get an additional 50% bonus from what has been announced as latest.


Note- A black hat hacker who works for a government-funded program on the dark web has revealed in her twitter account that Apple and Microsoft are paying heavily for finding faults in their devices & software to keep a check on hackers who sell the same info to governments operating in the east for huge sums.

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