Australia takes a vow to hack the hackers

After a cyber attack on national telecom operator Optus and Insurance company Medibank, the Australian government has hacked the hackers in order to bring them to knees. Australian Cybersecurity Minister Clare O’Neil will take a decision on this note and news is out that the government wants to take serious action against state funded hackers […]

What to do if an email account gets hacked

If your email account gets hacked, the first thing to do is to contact the email services provider and inform them about the compromise. One can use the security question that was used at the time of registration to regain control over the account via a recovery service/procedure. Since an email compromise can lead to […]

Hackers target over 330 Britons a minute, says research

Research conducted by Nord VPN says about 330 Britons are hacked every minute, i.e. one Brit, for every 0.2 seconds. Concernedly, the hacking has gone on a rampage and is increasing at epic proportions. In the past 12 months, one in ten people in the UK is falling prey to money thefts, bank account information […]

Over 4 million people hack neighbors Wi-Fi in the UK

In a survey conducted by broadband service provider Konnect, over 4 million people were found hacking neighbors’ Wi-Fi, if there was a down or to avoid paying a fat subscription fee. A study that included a response from about 2000 respondents also confirmed that on average a hacking person was found using the internet of […]

Watch out for these signs to know whether your phone is hacked

Are you having a doubt that your smartphone has been hacked or is being used by remote hackers for malevolent scams? If so, then watch out for these abnormal behavioral signs to know whether the device has been hacked. When apps are taking longer time to open than usual, it can be a sign that […]

Anonymous leaks all personal details of Russian soldiers invading Ukraine

All the personal details of about 120,000 Russian soldiers were leaked by the anonymous hacking group that claims to be on the side of the rest of the world supporting Ukraine against the war atrocities of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. Leaked details include the date of birth, names, home addresses, and passport numbers, and […]

Cyber Attack on Iran State TV leads to display of images of dissidents

Iranian State TV was hacked and images of dissidents were displayed for 10 seconds in what seems to be the first of its kind incident in the history of the Islamic nation.   Viewers were surprised to see Massoud Rajavi, the founder of People’s Mujahedeen (MEK) and his wife Maryam Rajavi for a few seconds […]

Teenager hacks 23 Tesla Car through software vulnerability

Tesla cars are automated vehicles that are environment friendly and aimed at making travelling a stress-free experience. But a hacker from Germany has proved that driving in Tesla cars can prove fatal as they can be remotely controlled through a hack in the 3rd party vehicle management software. David Colombo, a hacker from Germany, shared […]

Hack caused by a single click on Google Docs

Are you a user of Google Documents aka Google Docs? Then you might have become a victim to a spear-phishing scam that steals people’s login credentials. As per a research carried out by New York based email security company Avanan, hackers are pasting fraudulent comments in documents and luring the victim to click on a […]

Hackers steal $55m through Ethereum based DeFi network protocol hack

Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that bZx, a crypto finance based company, was hacked recently to steal $55m worth of cryptocurrency and the company’s IT team is still wondering how the hacker made it into the Ethereum related network. Prima facie has revealed that the hacker/s used a private key in the Defi( Decentralized Finance) protocol […]

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