Election hack is possible, says Germany

Germany is expecting a cyber attack on the election event that is likely to be held in September this year and says that a foreign nation could intend to do so for reasons. “After witnessing a slew of phishing attacks on the digital accounts of German MPs and local politicians, there is a high probability […]

Data of 700 million LinkedIn users leaked and put for sale on Dark Web

LinkedIn is back in news for failing to protect its user data from hackers and this time the issue is serious as data of over 700 million of its 756 million has leaked and put for sale on the dark web. However, the professional website denies all such media claims and stated that the newly […]

Password steal leads to Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack

A single password steal is said to have led to Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack says Joseph Blount, the CEO of the fuel supplying company based in South East Coast.   Reiterating the same that was said to the US Senate Committee last week, Blount stated that the Colonial Pipeline attack took place because the company […]

Microsoft warns against the new Russian Cyber Attacks that targeted 150 US firms

A Russian Hacking group dubbed Nobelium has reportedly targeted more than 3000 Exchange Email server accounts from Microsoft operating across 150 US firms says a report released by Tom Burt, Corporate Vice President and Customer Security & Trust, Microsoft.   Microsoft report specifies that the threat actors are showing interest in only government agencies, think […]

China email hack on Microsoft Exchange victimizes 50 companies

China cyber attack on Microsoft Business email Exchange server has resulted in claiming over 60,000 victims on a global note, says an update provided by the tech giant led by Mr. Satya Nadella. A US Cybersecurity firm has confirmed that its researchers are busy in investigating the incident that resulted in the disruption of over […]

Russian hackers were interested in Microsoft Products

The SolarWinds Cyber Attack seems to be like a never-ending saga as daily a new revelation is being made by US Department of Homeland Security. Now, the latest find is that the hacking group suspected to be from Russia is reported to be only interested in Microsoft Corporation products and services. Brandon Wales, the director […]

Amazon hackers direct customers to Adult websites

Saira Khan, who sells organic skincare products on Amazon UK, stated that she was embarrassed by learning that hackers are directing her customers from Amazon to a German company that sells adult toys.   The 51-year old English Television personality stated that her website might also be vulnerable to cyber-attacks shortly and she doesn’t know […]

No US Voter Registration data breaches… yet

Although those news resources belonging to Russia are spreading misinformation on the social media that the US Vote Registration database was hacked and the information is been circulating on the dark web from the past couple of days, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency(CISA) has released a press statement or rather was forced to […]

FBI issues Cyber Attack warning against Smart TVs

As sales of smart TVs have boomed on this Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving weekend, the FBI has issued a warning that hackers are now becoming sophisticated enough to punch a hole on the cyber defenses of smart TV users.   In general, we use smart TVs to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, and such […]

Iranian hackers to launch data destroying malware on Western countries

All these days hackers from Iran were seen indulging in activities such as DDoS attacks and espionage. But now, there is evidence that these hackers have decided to launch malware campaigns that are capable of destroying data on the servers being operated in Western countries. This includes data being stored on public and private entities […]

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