What to do when social media accounts get hacked or impersonated

In the era of social media, users freely share a plethora of information with their connections and followers, often overlooking the potential threat to their privacy. Opportunistic hackers seize on these vulnerabilities, infiltrating or impersonating accounts and causing significant trouble for the users. So, what should be the response when one’s social media account is […]

School student info proving valuable to hackers

Hackers have recently intensified their efforts to pilfer digital information pertaining to students, encompassing a wide array of sensitive data such as health records, attendance information, homework, grades, medical details, photos, disciplinary records, educational records, home communication information, assignments, and other assessment-related data. The value of these pilfered datasets can range from $10 to $120, […]

Vietnam hacked CCTV videos selling like hotcakes on Telegram

The Telegram messaging app has emerged as a hub for criminal activities, serving as a platform for data exchange among various illicit networks. Criminals, ranging from drug and child traffickers to cybercriminals, are increasingly utilizing Telegram to facilitate their nefarious operations. One recent instance of cybercrime involves the distribution of hacked intimate CCTV videos, which […]

Watch out for these signs when your smart phone is hacked

Smartphones have become indispensable in our daily lives, but with their ubiquity comes the lurking threat of hackers seeking to infiltrate these devices and gain access to our personal information. This danger is particularly heightened for individuals in the public eye, such as celebrities, elected representatives, or journalists. If you suspect that your phone may […]

Iran launches cyber attack on water authority in the United States

Iran-backed hackers are alleged to have successfully breached the IT infrastructure serving the Water Authority of Pennsylvania in the United States. Disturbing reports indicate that their objective was to disrupt the water supply, potentially causing chaos and panic among the populace. This attack underscores not only the criminal lengths to which these hackers are willing […]

GE servers hacked n DARPA Military Info Leaked

General Electric, commonly referred to as GE, a multinational corporation engaged in the fields of renewable energy, aerospace, and power, has fallen prey to a cyber attack resulting in the leakage of sensitive information related to DARPA Military operations. The severity of the attack remains uncertain as the American multinational company diligently investigates the incident. […]

What to do if the phone is hacked or becomes espionage target

When you discover that your device has been compromised, it’s important not to panic. Such incidents can happen to anyone, and taking swift action within a couple of hours can help mitigate potential risks to your personal information. The first step is to search for a reliable anti-malware solution capable of scanning your device for […]

Cyber Attack on European Space Agency to compromise satellite imaging data

Several ethical hackers recently accepted a challenge posed by the European Space Agency (ESA) to assess the resilience of satellite infrastructure by attempting to infiltrate servers and compromise satellite imaging sensors and data. Fortunately, this hacking exercise was conducted solely for the purpose of evaluating the satellites’ operational security, and we can assume that no […]

How is information stored in cloud secure from hacks

The rise of cloud computing has provided individuals and businesses with a convenient way to store and access their data. However, with this convenience comes a concern about data security. Cloud storage services have become a target for hackers, and the theft of personal and sensitive information can have serious consequences. So, how is information […]

Over 12k Indian Govt websites disrupted due to cyber-attack from Indonesia

Cyber attacks on public websites have become an increasing concern for governments across the world, and this article is related to one such news. An Indonesian hackers’ group claimed on the dark web that they are responsible for cyber attacks launched on over 12,000 Indian websites, and more will follow in the coming days. After […]

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