Blacklisted apps in corporate companies on Android and iOS devices

TikTok, that was developed by Chinese firm ByteDance has topped the list of most popular and downloaded apps worldwide in this year with over 57 million installs. And Douyin, a successor to the above stated Chinese short video app is also tagged as a global hit, as it has found a second place in the […]

Apple iOS app sharing data with the Chinese government

As more and more people are showing a lot of interest in using Virtual Private Networks (VPN), some hackers are offering apps which in disguise of VPNs are busy stealing credentials and snooping into the device details. According to the Global Mobile VPN Report 2019, more than 480 million mobile users are using various VPN […]

Opening of Facebook app triggers iPhone Cameras

Facebook (FB) has launched an official probe over the speculations which are doing around that its application downloaded onto an iPhone is triggering the rear camera app without the knowledge/consent of users. As it is a sure invasion of its member’s privacy the company has launched a serious probe and will be issuing a fix […]

Mobile security fears make governments look beyond iOS and Android devices

As hackers are getting busy in finding ways to intercept iOS and Android mobile devices, governments across the world are showing a lot of interest in looking beyond the said OSes to secure devices. Recently, the Russian government through its national operator Rostelecom acquired Aurora OS platform build on Finland based company Jolla’s Sailfish OS. […]

Rewards to hack Microsoft Azure, Apple iPhone, and iOS

Microsoft, the American software giant has launched a dedicated cloud environment for security researchers to launch attacks on scenarios which involve Infrastructure as a service.   Launched at Black Hat USA 2019 Conference and Dubbed as Azure Security Lab, the service happens to host dedicated servers for hackers to exploit and launch test attacks on […]

Twitter Bug exposes iOS users location details to its business partner

All those using the Twitter mobile app on their Apple iOS phones and who had 2-3 accounts on the said social media platform were at the risk of their location data being shared with a business partner of the world’s second social media platform- all without the consent of users. Actually, it was a bug […]

Exodus malware spreading across iOS devices

All these days we have seen Exodus Spying malware targeting Android devices. But recently, security researchers from a nonprofit security organization ‘Security Without Borders’ found that the spyware Exodus was also prevailing on iOS devices on contrary to the impression that the malware cannot survive in Apple Inc’s iOS environments. The details of the spyware’s […]

Facebook Research App data scandal

Facebook which is trying hard to shrug off its presence from the Cambridge Analytica data scandal is reportedly caught up in the latest which is about a paid ‘Research App’. From the past three years i.e. from 2016, the Mark Zuckerberg Company has been testing an app meant for teens and young adults (aged 13 […]

Best free Antivirus for iPhones and iPads to avoid mobile security risks

Apple Inc is known to produce most premium products till date as it has succeeded in crafting its own niche among technology users around the world. Even though the iOS-powered devices work efficiently, it is important for the device users to keep the system clean and secure. So, to all those who haven’t installed any […]

Apple iOS 12 update offers ‘Trust Score’ triggering data privacy fears

To all those who have downloaded the iOS 12 update or are about to do it, here’s an announcement which might trigger data privacy fears in you. Apple has updated its iTunes Privacy policy earlier this week which states that it will start assigning a ‘Trust Score’ to iOS and tv devices from now on. […]

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