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Apple iPhone users get improved mobile security

Apple Inc. has bolstered its security codes just to save its users from advanced phishing attacks. Therefore, from now on, they will receive a 2 Factor Authentication SMS in a unique form that will be a mixture of numbers, alphabets and special characters embedded in it. According to a new update made by the iPhone […]

Israel to keep a vigil on cyber software exports

All those governments and countries planning to buy any kind of software from Israel-based companies will have to sign an agreement from now on that they will not misuse the purchased software and will abide by the conditions laid in the agreement at the time of purchase. The Defense Ministry of Israel announced on Monday […]

Apple brings feature back that allow users to report fraudulent apps

Apple iOS 15 has brought back a feature that allows users to report fraudulent apps before anyone could lose money fraudulently. The feature “Report a Problem’ allows users to report any kind of discrepancy in applications that can lead to scams, abusive content or espionage. Also, some apps these days promise to their users about […]

Apple iOS 14 leaked on iPhone 11 in China Gray market

In what qualifies as a technological embarrassment to Apple Inc, hackers seem to have reportedly got a hands-on on the next version of Apple’s operating system i.e iOS 14. News is out that the gray market in China is selling iPhone 11 devices loaded with the latest iOS 14 operating systems which were scheduled to […]

Hacker earns $75k for finding 3 critical vulnerabilities in Apple Safari Browser

Apple Inc has once again proved that it keeps its word when it comes to rewarding white hat hackers who find security flaws in its products. As recently it rewarded a hacker with $75,000 for finding seven flaws in Apple’s Safari Browser- out of which 3 were supposed to be critical.   Ryan Pickren is […]

Apple acquires Artificial Intelligence startup Xnor

Seattle based startup which is basically into Artificial Intelligence is now reported to be a part of American Technology giant Apple Inc. Yes, the announcement comes early this week when Apple made it official that it is going to snap XNOR in a deal that will offer services related to AI at a much […]

Donald Trump lashes out at User Privacy Policy of Apple Inc

US President Donald Trump has sarcastically lashed out Apple Inc’s Boss Tim Cook on Tuesday by claiming that the technology giant’s User Privacy Policy is blocking his vision of making ‘America Great’!   Tweeting his mind on the same, the 45th US President said that he was not happy for the non-cooperation shown by the […]

Apple issues Mobile Security warning to old iPhone and old iPad users

Apple Inc has issued a mobile security warning to owners of old iPhones and Old iPads saying their devices will be prone to vulnerabilities such as failing to connect to the internet and can easily be intercepted by hackers after this weekend. Technically speaking, the iPhone giant has issued a warning that all its old […]

Apple Mac Computers loaded with AVID Software suffering from malware attack

All those Mac Computer users using the computing device in and around Los Angeles should think twice before using the video editing software supplied by Avid. As reports are in that those using the said company media composing software are finding their devices shutting down mysteriously and are unable to reboot them back to life.   […]

China accuses Apple Inc with spying through iPhones

China has directly accused Apple Inc of installing monitoring software on its iPhones and computers to conduct espionage on ordinary users as well as country leaders. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the US tech company has been conducting espionage through backdoors on its device users for as long as ten years. However, […]

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