Apple brings feature back that allow users to report fraudulent apps


Apple iOS 15 has brought back a feature that allows users to report fraudulent apps before anyone could lose money fraudulently. The feature “Report a Problem’ allows users to report any kind of discrepancy in applications that can lead to scams, abusive content or espionage.

Also, some apps these days promise to their users about money back refund as soon as they opt out of the in-app purchases due to total dissatisfaction.

iPhone giant has allowed users report any such frauds before they can target any users. However, the feature is currently available only to users using the iOS 15 loaded devices in United States.

Earlier, the feature was existing, but was too tedious to use and was available only via Apple Support.

Interestingly, the tech company launched the new feature just days after it began accepting App Store reviews and ratings for its own apps; out of which Apple Podcasts received the lowest 2-star ratings- as it has very few features to use and was crashing too often.

Another feature that has been rolled out recently is the App Privacy Report that is truly privacy centric. It allows users to keep a track of an apps daily activity like what data it is accessing, and what all it can access from the device like whether it has the permission to access messages, location, microphone, photos, camera, and contact details.

App Privacy Report on Apple iOS 15 was rolled out to devices from September this year and was revealed to the world at the WWDC 2021.

Now to those who want to activate this feature, here’s a summary on how to do it. Just scroll down to Settings feature, then go to Privacy tab, and then access the App Privacy Report and turn it on your iPhone or iPAD.

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