Apple brings feature back that allow users to report fraudulent apps

Apple iOS 15 has brought back a feature that allows users to report fraudulent apps before anyone could lose money fraudulently. The feature “Report a Problem’ allows users to report any kind of discrepancy in applications that can lead to scams, abusive content or espionage. Also, some apps these days promise to their users about […]

Apple issues Mobile Security warning to old iPhone and old iPad users

Apple Inc has issued a mobile security warning to owners of old iPhones and Old iPads saying their devices will be prone to vulnerabilities such as failing to connect to the internet and can easily be intercepted by hackers after this weekend. Technically speaking, the iPhone giant has issued a warning that all its old […]

Best free Antivirus for iPhones and iPads to avoid mobile security risks

Apple Inc is known to produce most premium products till date as it has succeeded in crafting its own niche among technology users around the world. Even though the iOS-powered devices work efficiently, it is important for the device users to keep the system clean and secure. So, to all those who haven’t installed any […]

Apple iOS 12 has the best mobile security features ever

As Apple Inc, is busy in revealing the latest series of iPhone devices to the world we bring you news about the mobile security features which the sixth generation of Mac operating system named ‘Mojave’ is going to exhibit. Called as MacOS Mojave, named after a location in California where Apple Inc resides, the OS […]

Apple to offer Spectre Flaw fix to iPhones and Macs through Safari Browser!

Apple Inc has officially announced that it is going to offer a patch to its Safari Web Browser working across all its iPhones, iPads and Macs by next weekend. The fix will be issued to counter the vulnerabilities exposed by chip makers leaving many modern computing devices exposed to hackers. As Google, Microsoft and Mozilla […]

Google to protect iPhone users from Ransomware attacks through its new Gmail App

As most of the ransomware cyber attacks take place through phishing emails, Google has decided to offer a new secure version of Gmail app to all Apple iOS users which include those using iPhone and iPad. According to the details available to Cybersecurity Insiders, Google is soon going to offer a more secure version of […]

Apple issues a mobile security alert on its iOS vulnerability

Apple iPhone has made it official yesterday that it has fixed a bug in its iOS 10.3.3 software which otherwise exposed iPhone users to hackers via Wi-Fi. Apple, Inc admitted that the flaw could expose an iPhone User’s private info (such as your pics) to hackers if & when exploited. Thus, Apple has issued a […]

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