Apple iOS 12 has the best mobile security features ever


As Apple Inc, is busy in revealing the latest series of iPhone devices to the world we bring you news about the mobile security features which the sixth generation of Mac operating system named ‘Mojave’ is going to exhibit.

Called as MacOS Mojave, named after a location in California where Apple Inc resides, the OS platform is being offered with a running theme of offering security & privacy to the masses.

Apple iOS 12 which was available for preview at the WWDC developer conference in June this year. The company has decided to jack up its Safari Browser with a feature of “ Intelligent Tracking Prevention” which blocks ad firms from keeping a track of a user’s browsing activity. Thus, as a result of this personal privacy enhancement, Safari Browser usage will be free from targeted ads.

Also, all those using iOS 12 are hereby informed that the Mojave will now on ask permission of the user before an app can access the FaceTime Camera and the Microphone. Even the location data, backups and other such events will be strictly monitored by the new operating system which is said to be rolled out to iPhone and iPad device users after October 12, 2018.

Furthermore, all iPhones and iPads running on older hardware will witness a significant performance boost with the new OS update. This includes new Maps, smarter notifications and updates Artificial Intelligence kit.

For those who have the habit of reusing passwords, iOS 12 will warn its users when the same password is used across different sites and apps.
Apple has also confirmed that the iOS 12 will auto-fill the 2-factor authentication passwords which are sent to the phone as text messages to login access to certain web services.

The last but not the least highlight of iOS 1 Mobile security is that it will lock all accessory or device connected to the phone’s USB port when a user’s iPhone or iPad have been locked for more than one hour.

BTW Apple has unveiled its latest series of iPhones just a few hours ago and the model names and prices are as follows

Apple iPhone XS- $999

Apple iPhone XS Max- $1,099

Apple iPhone XR which is a smaller version of the iPhone having a big battery- $750. However, XR will only be available after October 26th this year and that too only for those who pre-order.

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