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CISA issues Mobile Security Checklist and plans for Secure Email Service

All federal agencies and private sector organizations operating in United States are being urged to follow a checklist meant to protect mobile devices and was issued by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Named as The Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) the security guide offers steps for device management, app security, authentication, network security and […]

Samsung offers Mobile Security protection as below

Samsung released a summary of how it protects its smart phones from cyber attacks and the content is as follows- From backdoors- As the Korean giant creates, validates and manufactures its computing devices all on its own, its every piece of hardware, wiring and firmware is securely drafted at its high secure R&D plants & […]

Mobile Security companies are lining up for protection against Pegasus Malware

As the Pegasus malware nuisance is slowly found politically gripping the entire world, companies offering security solutions to mobile users are getting busy in finding out a solution that helps protect against the infection repercussions caused by the Pegasus Malware. Recently, Zimperium, a US based technology company, was assigned with the duty by Department of […]

Google MFA and its security deal with Crowdstrike

On the occasion of World Password Day on May 6th, 2021, Google announced it intends to roll out 2 step verification (2SV) to all its users in coming days to strengthen the trust of its users for mobile security. Therefore, to all the users whose accounts have been properly configured, the 2SV feature will be […]

What Are Some Things New iPhone Users Should Know?

According to Statista, roughly 47 percent of smartphone owners have an iPhone. It is no surprise given how great these devices are. Moreover, Apple continues to release new iOS versions that bring performance and security improvements as well as new features.   If you have purchased and unboxed an iPhone for the first time, switching […]

Enhanced Mobile Security features for Android and iPhone users

iPhone and Apple Watch users will be happy to hear this news as Apple Inc will offer iOS 14.5 Operating system that will help its users unlock their devices even if they use a face mask. Yes, as wearing a mask has become a necessity than just a trend, Apple says that its iOS 14.5 […]

Mobile Security worse during COVID-19 lockdown says Verizon

Mobile Security became worse during the lock-down initiated by COVID-19 across the world says Verizon. The conclusion was made after analyzing the fact that businesses compromised on its security tools to support remote working practices to keep the business continuity intact. But this trend backfired against few companies as many of their infrastructure was compromised […]

New Research suggests 2 pattern mobile security on Android phones

To those still using pattern unlocking feature on their Android mobile phones, here’s a mobile security update to rejoice. A new research has confirmed that multiple patterns of unlocking on android phones offer greater security than the single pattern method that is being used now. And the study further suggests that it can be secure […]

Best Mobile Security Apps for iOS and Android devices

In the world of smart phones, no one wants their devices to struggle with security incidents, and this is where Mobile Security apps prove handy. For those who want such solutions to monitor their devices, here’s a list of best mobile security apps helpful in defending Android and iOS devices from cyber attacks. Avast Mobile […]

Best Mobile Security books to read

To all those who like to explore the field of mobile security technology, here are some books to learn how to efficiently manage and secure mobile device deployments.   Android Security Internals- This book written by Nikolay Elenkov helps in providing an in-depth knowledge of Android Security Architecture and offers help in implementing major security components […]

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