China accuses Apple Inc with spying through iPhones


China has directly accused Apple Inc of installing monitoring software on its iPhones and computers to conduct espionage on ordinary users as well as country leaders. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the US tech company has been conducting espionage through backdoors on its device users for as long as ten years.

However, business analysts say that this allegation is a kind of retaliation for Huawei ban in the west.

Beijing simply wants to tarnish the image of few tech companies operating from America to retaliate the ban of 5G network equipment supply from Huawei says a source from Washington DC.

On a similar note, Cisco and Microsoft are also being accused of conducting espionage on those using their equipment from China.

Hua Chunying, a spokesperson from the Chinese Ministry said that her government is intending to ban device usage supplied from the said companies by this year.

So, if at all the ban sentence is pronounced, then Cisco, Microsoft and Apple Inc will find it hard in churning out sales in the Republic of China.

Note 1- In May this year, US President Donald Trump issued an executive order to ban Huawei‘s supply and usage of equipment in public and private companies of America. Later Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany, and some other countries from the west followed the statement by implementing a ban on the supply and installation of 5G equipment manufactured by Huawei. Google also chose to cut ties with the Shenzhen based company by blocking the use of Android OS and app services on all the new model’s smartphones supplied by Huawei.

Note 2- In one of his recent visits to Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, Trump and his delegation passed on their espionage concerns to the foreign affairs ministries of the respective nations over a possible security risk on using 5G infrastructure supplied by the Chinese company. So, within a few weeks, two of the nations of the Middle East might choose to implement a trade ban from the supplier.

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