Microsoft warns of dreaded data wiping malware campaign

Microsoft has issued an official warning to all IT and not-for-profit organizations, along with some critical government organizations across Ukraine, that their digital infrastructure could be targeted by a dreaded data wiping malware campaign. WhisperGate, currently the name given to the information wiping campaign was launched on January 13th,2022 on Ukraine, just before most of […]

Microsoft reveals a serious vulnerability hidden in its Azure Cloud

Microsoft, the technology giant of America, has warned all its users that there is a hidden vulnerability hidden in an Azure cloud that could leak user data to hackers. that is into the business of providing security to cloud users was the first to inform Microsoft Security Response Centre (MSRC) about the hidden bug […]

Microsoft and its Passwordless Authentication on Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 Passwordless Authentication will fail, say, experts from WatchGuard Threat Lab. The analysis was done when the American tech giant announced it is going to remove the password based logins entirely from its platform in the next couple of years. It is a fact that the Satya Nadella led company is planning to […]

Microsoft shuts down 42 cyber spying Chinese websites

Microsoft has shut down 42 websites that were related to Chinese intelligence and were indulging in espionage and intelligence gathering. The tech giant has made it official that the websites that were pulled down were found targeting politicians, think tanks, individuals linked to human right organizations from US and across the world. The Satya Nadella […]

BlackByte Ransomware found exploiting ProxyShell vulnerabilities

Proxy Shell vulnerabilities identified in Microsoft Exchange Servers are being exploited by hackers operating and distributing a new ransomware variant dubbed BlackByte. A new report published by cyber threat detection firm Red Canary clearly states that hackers are being able to exploit the three bugs identified in Microsoft Exchange Servers that are combinedly called as […]

Microsoft servers facing Iranian Cyber Threat

In a joint statement released by United States, Britain and Australia, it was revealed that Microsoft servers were facing constant cyber threat from Iran sponsored hacking groups. The law enforcement agencies from the said nations respectively issued a statement that a hacking group named Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) was constantly eyeing to infiltrate the network […]

Microsoft to offer cyber security training in community colleges across US

Microsoft has announced that it is going to offer cyber security training to interested students who are studying in community colleges across the United States. To reach its aim, the American tech giant has announced that it is going to invest millions of dollars on nurturing new talent to fill 250,000 jobs lying vacant in […]

Tesco Cyber Attack 2021 and Microsoft Nobelium Cyber Attack 2021 details

Tesco customers are struggling to book their groceries online as the operations of the company’s dedicated app and the online store have been disrupted through a Cyber Attack. The UK’s supermarket chain has admitted that its operations were affected by the cyber incident that could also put a dent on the profits of it this […]

Blackswan vulnerability puts billions of Windows Systems to risk

A discovery of seven zero day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows Operating System has reportedly put billions of PC users to risk. And reports are in that the bug/s have existed in the wild since 2007, the time when the Satya Nadella led company released the Vista version of its Windows OS. Field Effect is the […]

Microsoft says Russia indulged in 58% of state funded cyber attacks last year

Microsoft has made a recent study and discovered that Russia indulged in over 58% of state funded attacks last year with China’s responsibility detected less that 10%. The tech giant also concluded that the threat actors from the Putin nation mostly targeted IT infrastructure based in United States followed by Ukraine, Britain and European NATO […]

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