Microsoft SmartScreen vulnerability delivers Magniber Ransomware

Cyber Criminals are smartly exploiting SmartScreen bugs in the Microsoft software to deliver Magniber Ransomware. And so far, the infection spread to thousands of devices, as the Windows operating giant in advance issued no red flag alerts. Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) was the first to issue a warning on the issue and immediately notified […]

BING will not get enhanced with Microsoft AI investment of $10 billion

As soon as Microsoft announced a $10 billion investment on AI firm OpenAI developed ChatGPT, trade analysts suggested that the investment will also boost the search engine capabilities of Bing, the business unit of the Windows giant. But now the analysts suggest that such investments or more than these might not benefit the business growth […]

Microsoft introduces voice copying AI tool

Microsoft, the technology giant of America, has achieved a new milestone in Artificial Intelligence by introducing a voice mimicking AI tool dubbed ‘Vall-E’. The tool has enough potential to copy a voice within 3 seconds and can easily create an audio content by using the same voice. Thus, like deep fake technology, where a face […]

Microsoft to invest $10 billion in Open AI ChatGPT

Open AI developed ChatGPT writing app is trending on Google as headlines for the past few days and to capitalize on its craze, the American Technology giant Microsoft offered an acquisition deal worth $60 billion that eventually did not materialize in real. Now, news is out that the Windows OS giant has shown interest in […]

France slaps $ 64m penalty on Microsoft

Microsoft received a jolt at the end of this year when France’s data watchdog CNIL imposed a penalty of €60m or $64 million, largest imposed by the digital privacy functionary in this year. The penalty was pronounced on the tech giant for not allowing its Bing users to refuse cookies, as it is made it […]

Microsoft issues a ban on Crypto Mining and issues security advisory

Microsoft has issued a ban on those in crypto mining business and the decision was made to safeguard the IT infrastructure of cloud services and gaming servers that are being extensively bombarded with mining malware from the past two years. In September 2021, the technology giant issued a warning against such malware that steal credentials, […]

Microsoft acquires Lumenisity for secure data transfer

Microsoft, the Windows Operating System developing giant of America, has made an official statement that it is going to acquire UK based startup ‘Lumenisity’ for an undisclosed sum. However, unconfirmed sources state that the company was purchased for $93 million, a figure that is yet to be confirmed by the tech giant. Lumenisity is a […]

Ransomware Attack news headlines trending on Google

The first one is a report released by the FBI stating the earning details of Hive Ransomware Group. FBI issued a joint advisory along with CISA that the said hacking group extorted more than $100m in this financial year by infecting over 1300 victims in 15 months starting from June’21.Victims list include government organizations, communication […]

Microsoft and NVIDIA collaborate to build AI Supercomputer in the Cloud

Microsoft has announced that it is going to collaborate with GPU maker NVIDIA to build an Artificial Intelligence powered Supercomputer in the Azure cloud. An agreement was made on this note in September this year and information is out that the ‘Supercomp’ will be made with a stack of GPUs, networking hardware and AI software […]

China is targeting smaller nations with Cyber Attacks

Microsoft released its Digital Defense Report of 2022, in which it clearly specified that China was targeting smaller nations with intense digital attacks to gather intelligence via cyber espionage. Its actual aim behind this activity is to internationally strengthen the nation’s stand both economically and to attain an utmost position in military influence. Most of […]

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