Microsoft experiences another cyber attack after China email server intrusion

Microsoft has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, raising concerns about its approach to cybersecurity. Following reports of a cyber attack originating from China, the tech giant finds itself in the spotlight once again due to various security lapses including data exposure, email breaches, and source code leaks. According to insights from […]

Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 End of Life – Here’s How to Secure your Legacy Servers

[By Michael Gorelik, CTO of Morphisec]   Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 should surprise no one. But the end of support for these decade-old operating systems is still catching many off guard.   Early last year, support ended for Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows Server 2008 […]

Russia bans Microsoft followed by Amazon and Google

Russia implemented a sweeping ban on Microsoft Cloud services on March 20th, with plans to extend the prohibition to Google and Amazon web services in the coming weeks. While security analysts cite national security concerns as the primary motive, trade experts suggest it’s a retaliatory measure against sanctions imposed on the country on December 18, […]

Microsoft suspects Russian hackers still lurking in its corporate network

In a recent statement, Microsoft, the American software behemoth, has raised concerns over the presence of Russian state-funded hackers within its corporate network. Despite affirming that its software remains uncompromised, the company has warned of potential threats lurking within its infrastructure. Last November, various Western media outlets reported the infiltration of Microsoft’s email systems by […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Bank of America Data Breach by Infosys Bank of America (BOA) has filed accusations against Infosys US, alleging a data breach that compromised details of its employees and some customers. The breach report was submitted to the Office of Maine Attorney General, holding Infosys accountable for safeguarding customer data. It’s reported that hackers accessed sensitive […]

Spear Phishing attacks on Microsoft365 and Azure Accounts

Microsoft, the renowned technology giant based in the United States, has recently made headlines due to targeted spear phishing campaigns aimed at thousands of individual accounts utilizing Microsoft 365 and Azure Services. These attacks, which have been active since November 2023, specifically target sales directors, managers, finance professionals, vice presidents, presidents, as well as CTOs […]

Microsoft to release its Windows Germanium with AI Security

Microsoft is gearing up for the forthcoming update to its Windows 11 operating system, tentatively named “Germanium.” Insiders within the company have hinted that this new release, expected in September 2024, will integrate advanced AI security measures, making it highly resilient against a wide range of cyber threats. Excitingly, the subsequent iteration, Windows 12, codenamed […]

Microsoft eases up data security framework for users of European Union

In the contemporary business landscape, companies worldwide are increasingly adopting a strategic approach to store and analyze user data within their respective countries, eliminating the necessity to transfer it to foreign servers. Across China, America, Europe, India, Canada, and Australia, businesses are aligning themselves with this approach. However, Microsoft, the American technology giant, has introduced […]

Top 7 seven Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

MongoDB Inc., a platform specializing in document-oriented storage, has officially disclosed falling victim to a cyber attack on December 13, 2023. This breach potentially allowed hackers to gain unauthorized access to information stored in the MongoDB Corporate database servers. The compromised data includes metadata and customer information. Urging caution, the NOSQL database company advises its […]

Microsoft to offer glass based storage tech that is ransomware proof

Microsoft is actively engaged in the development of a glass-based data storage medium slated for integration into its data centers that facilitate Azure Cloud services. This innovative ceramics-based storage solution is specifically designed for archival purposes and is touted to be impervious to ransomware attacks. In contrast to conventional SSD and Hard Disk drives, this […]

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