Microsoft asks employees in China to use iPhones and abandon Android phones

Microsoft, the American technology giant, has issued an email request to all its employees in China to stop using Android phones for office communication and switch to iPhones loaded with genuine iOS. This initiative is believed to be part of an effort to enhance cybersecurity measures and mitigate risks associated with Chinese intelligence gathering information […]

IBM and Microsoft pledge to offer Cloud Data Protection

As cloud adoption continues to surge, so do concerns about data security. These concerns are amplified for businesses adopting hybrid cloud models, where sophisticated AI cyber attacks are increasingly targeting cloud service providers. To address these challenges, IBM and Microsoft have teamed up to enhance data security in hybrid cloud environments. This collaboration aims to […]

Microsoft email servers hack could have been prevented

Microsoft publicly disclosed several months ago that a Chinese hacking group, Storm-0558, breached its servers in early the previous year, initiating surveillance on email servers associated with senior US government officials. Following an investigation, Members of Congress assert that Microsoft’s report on the email server hack could have been prevented had the tech giant not […]

Microsoft and Google pledge to offer cybersecurity support to Rural Hospitals

In rural healthcare settings, the IT infrastructure often lags behind due to various challenges such as limited budgets, political constraints, and insufficient awareness. This vulnerability leaves hospitals susceptible to cyber-attacks, prompting governments to push for stronger defenses before it’s too late. Tech giants like Microsoft and Google are stepping in to support rural healthcare providers […]

A Practical Guide to Applying Zero Trust Principles to Active Directory for Microsoft On-Premises and Hybrid Environment Protection

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is currently used by over 90% of large organizations. It functions as the ‘keys to the kingdom’ – a critical identity system that controls user authentication and permissions for the entirety of an organization’s resources and operations. The level of access Active Directory provides is immense, and unsurprisingly, it’s a hacker […]

Microsoft to roll out AI powered PCs concerningly in coming years

Microsoft is poised to revolutionize the landscape of personal computing with its upcoming line of AI-powered PCs, signaling a significant shift in user experience and productivity. These cutting-edge devices, akin to the already unveiled Copilot, will predominantly rely on cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring seamless accessibility to stored data from anywhere. Essentially, Microsoft’s foray into AI-driven PCs […]

New Ransomware Gang exploits Microsoft Bitlocker to lockup databases

In a concerning development, a new ransomware gang has emerged employing BitLocker encryption technology to hold databases hostage, demanding payment for decryption keys. BitLocker, a Windows encryption tool, safeguards data by encrypting hard drives, requiring multi-factor authentication for access. Reportedly, the ShrinkLocker ransomware gang has been observed targeting companies in Mexico, Indonesia, and Jordan, focusing […]

Cyber Threat news headlines trending on Google

Rockwell Automation Urges Caution Regarding Industrial Control Systems Rockwell Automation, a leading provider of industrial control systems (ICS), has issued a cautionary advisory urging its customers to refrain from connecting their ICS to the internet. This proactive measure aims to mitigate the risks associated with potential fraudulent access and cyber threats from external sources. The […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

The Microsoft Threat Intelligence team has officially confirmed that a group of threat actors known as Storm-1811 has been exploiting client management tools within its Quick Assist platform to target customers through social engineering tactics. This criminal group has been identified for installing the Black Basta Ransomware, employing vishing techniques to distribute malware such as […]

Microsoft issues cyber threat alert to Google on Vulnerable Mobile Apps

Microsoft Security Analysis team recently alerted Google’s Android Security Research teams to a critical issue potentially affecting billions of Android app users. This vulnerability could lead to various cyber threats, including token thefts, code execution attacks, and other common security risks. Responding swiftly to the alert, Google promptly released new guidelines for Android app developers […]

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