Ransomware Attack news headlines trending on Google

The first one is a report released by the FBI stating the earning details of Hive Ransomware Group. FBI issued a joint advisory along with CISA that the said hacking group extorted more than $100m in this financial year by infecting over 1300 victims in 15 months starting from June’21.Victims list include government organizations, communication […]

Microsoft and NVIDIA collaborate to build AI Supercomputer in the Cloud

Microsoft has announced that it is going to collaborate with GPU maker NVIDIA to build an Artificial Intelligence powered Supercomputer in the Azure cloud. An agreement was made on this note in September this year and information is out that the ‘Supercomp’ will be made with a stack of GPUs, networking hardware and AI software […]

China is targeting smaller nations with Cyber Attacks

Microsoft released its Digital Defense Report of 2022, in which it clearly specified that China was targeting smaller nations with intense digital attacks to gather intelligence via cyber espionage. Its actual aim behind this activity is to internationally strengthen the nation’s stand both economically and to attain an utmost position in military influence. Most of […]

Microsoft says it’s not possible to disrupt the ransomware spread

Cyber Crime, especially ransomware spread, has reached a stage where tech companies are finding it difficult to stop or at least disrupt it. American Technology giant Microsoft has a similar overview on the ransomware distribution and concludes that it is almost impossible to disrupt ransomware. Tom Burt, the CVP of Customer Security, Microsoft has come […]

Microsoft accused of leaking data of about 65,000 organizations worldwide

Microsoft has conducted a data blunder by accidentally leaking information related to over 65k organizations worldwide. Security analysts from SOCRadar released a report on the issue and confirmed that leak dubbed as ‘BlueBleed’ Part 1 witnessed a data leak of about 2.3 terabytes of data containing over 335,000 emails, details of over 133,000 projects and […]

Microsoft suffers data breach leaking sensitive customer information

Microsoft has suffered a data breach that leads to leak of sensitive information of some of its customers. The technical blunder reportedly occurred on September 24th of this year because of a configuration error that made the server accessible to everyone on the internet, albeit with some technical knowledge. Prima facie revealed that the free […]

Microsoft issues warning against Ransomware attack on Poland, Ukraine and Bulgaria

Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Centre (MSTIC) has issued an alert to organizations operating in Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria against a ransomware campaign that’s functioning with an aim to either wipe data off the target or to encrypt it until a ransom is paid. Interestingly, the campaign starts after stealing of Active Director admin account credentials and […]

Hornetsecurity Research Reveals Microsoft Teams Security and Backup Flaws With Nearly Half of Users Sharing Business-Critical Information on the Platform

 Most backup and security vendors overlook this vital communication channel 70% of respondents exchange more direct messages with colleagues via User Chats than Group Channel Conversations 45% send confidential and sensitive information frequently via Teams This rises to 51% often sharing business-critical information 48% of all respondents have accidentally sent Teams messages that should not […]

Microsoft discovers OAuth applications being used to compromise email servers

Microsoft (MS) security teams have recently discovered that threat actors are using OAuth applications to compromise email servers and then use them to spread spam. Already, three of the big companies were targeted by threat actors who use phishing attacks to spread the malicious OAuth application. OAuth is a kind of open standard password-based access […]

Microsoft induces several security features into Windows 11

Microsoft (MS) has released an update into Windows 11, which updates and upgrades the current security features to a new level. This includes enhancements to application controls, protection shield to vulnerable drivers, identity theft protection and a simple way to manage all passwords. The American tech giant disclosed that the new security induction into its […]

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