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Bank of America Data Breach by Infosys

Bank of America (BOA) has filed accusations against Infosys US, alleging a data breach that compromised details of its employees and some customers. The breach report was submitted to the Office of Maine Attorney General, holding Infosys accountable for safeguarding customer data. It’s reported that hackers accessed sensitive information, including social security numbers, names, and contact details of approximately 57,000 bank employees from Infosys McCarnish Systems LLC servers. BOA claims Infosys failed to implement adequate security measures, prompting legal action.

University leaks virginity data details of female students

Al-Farabi Kazakhstan National University made headlines for leaking personal details of female students, specifically regarding their virginity. It’s unclear why the institute stored such intimate data, including names, phone numbers, addresses, and tax codes, along with gynecological examination results, on its servers. Education institutions in the West are typically prohibited from maintaining such information. Sayasat Nurbek, Kazakhstan’s Minister of Science and Higher Education, has promised a thorough investigation and punishment for those responsible for mishandling sensitive information.

Varta Germany battery maker hit by cyber attack

A German battery manufacturing company, currently championing the cause of green energy and owned by Energizer Holdings, has fallen victim to a debilitating cyber-attack. The attack has resulted in widespread production disruptions across its manufacturing facilities. Suspicions point towards a state-funded threat actor group as the orchestrators behind this nefarious incident. Despite the gravity of the situation, the company’s IT team is operating tirelessly, striving to restore the compromised systems at the earliest. Employing a meticulously crafted disaster recovery plan, they are navigating through the aftermath of the cyber assault, determined to mitigate the impact and resume normal operations promptly.

HSBC warns UK populace about the ongoing financial fraud

HSBC UK alerted the public to ongoing financial fraud targeting the elderly. Scammers are coercing senior citizens to withdraw funds and purchase gold or precious metals under threat of legal consequences for alleged involvement in international financial fraud. UK police advise individuals to be vigilant, hang up on suspicious calls, and report them promptly.

BBC servers infiltrated says Microsoft

Microsoft Threat Intelligence disclosed that an Iranian hacking group infiltrated BBC broadcast servers, replacing news reels with fabricated reports of Israeli military actions in Gaza. The altered broadcasts included a deep fake anchor delivering the message in an authentic English dialect, deliberately targeting the populace of Dubai.

Killer Malware emerges as a destructive cyber threat

Picus Security’s research uncovered a new strain of malware dubbed “Killer Hunter,” capable of bypassing next-generation firewalls, antivirus software, and Enhanced Detection and Response (EDR) solutions. This malware poses a significant cyber threat, witnessing a 333% increase in spread over the past six months and highlighting the evolving landscape of destructive cyber threats.


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