Cyber Attack news trending on Google

The first news headlines which are topping the Google news results are about Finablr which is a London based Financial services company. It released a press statement early today that its profit scale will be negatively hit this year due to the spread of Coronavirus across the world and also due to the cyber attack on its Travelex Foreign Exchange.


According to the media update released by the company, it expects a knockdown of £25 million from this year’s earnings as its subsidiary Travelex which it acquired in 2014 was targeted by a ransomware attack n Dec’2019.


“As China and other countries in Asia account to approximately 10% of Travelex Revenues, the spread of Wuhan Virus is said to negatively affect the earnings of exchange service due to a dip in travel demand”, says a statement released by Travelex.


Note- The Ransomware Cyber Attack which took place on Travelex on the new year eve of 2020 is said to have affected the customers of the UK, US, and Australia along with France. Maze Ransomware which steals data first and later locks down a database with encryption malware was reported to be behind the incident.


Coming to the second news which is doing rounds on Google is a cyber-attack that reportedly impacted the email accounts and servers of the City of Torrance. News is out that the incident took place on Sunday i.e yesterday at around 2:30 am disrupting the server functioning impacting the email network.


According to the statement released early today, all basic communication services were working fine and no sensitive info related to the Public was compromised. And only some city business services were compromised.

Naveen Goud
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