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Finastra, a London based technology solutions providing company has issued a press statement yesterday that it is shutting down some of its critical servers due to a cyberattack that targeted it on Thursday.

Although the company hasn’t stated the details of the attack variant in its public statement, its incident response team is reported to be following a playbook related to ransomware attacks. However, no official confirmation has been made on this note until today.

“We have detected an anonymous activity on our systems and have taken appropriate measures to contain & curb it”, said Tom Kilroy, the COO of the Finastra.

Meanwhile, the other news related to cyber-attack and is trending on Google; MyGov website which is being used by Centrelink services online is reported to have been hit by a distributed denial-of attack (DDoS) in the early hours of Monday.

The cyberattack was targeted amid the federal government’s decision to close down parts of the economy in a bid to contain the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

Stuart Robert, the Government services minister said that MyGov website was abruptly shut down as it witnessed immense web traffic at a go- say 55,000 Australian people accessing it at a time. As this was possibly non-practical, the officials suspect the hand of hackers in launching a DDoS cyber-attack on the web portal.

Highly placed sources say that the website services were shut down when people were lining up to claim unemployment benefits amid Covid 19 spread fears.

The third news happens to be related to the spread of Mespinoza ransomware strain on the government and private networks of the French government. News is out that hackers were spreading a newly discovered ransomware strain on government networks when the officials are finding ways to contain the spread of the Chinese Virus in France and the continent of Europe.

Reports are in that the said ransomware can steal data and sell it on the dark web to make money worth in millions.

France’s government’s Cybersecurity Team CERT-FR has confirmed the incident and is reported to have taken all measures to contain the incident.

Naveen Goud
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