Now ransomware hackers targeting backups for ransom pay assurance

A new study conducted by Veeam Software claims that hackers have shifted their focus towards backup storage appliances, as they provide assurance that the victim will definitely pay the demanded ransom amount. According to Veeam’s 2023 Ransomware Trends report, one in 7 organizations has been infected with file-encrypting malware in the past year. Out of […]

How to Track Ransomware Attacks: A Comprehensive Guide

Ransomware attacks have become a growing concern in recent years, with cybercriminals targeting individuals, businesses, and even government organizations. The ability to track these attacks is crucial for mitigating their impact and ensuring appropriate response measures are taken. In this article, we will explore various strategies and techniques to effectively track ransomware attacks, enabling organizations […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

A Russian government affiliated ransomware spreading group has targeted the Indian Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) and encrypted the entire database and their demand is that they victim needs to pay $250,000 in bitcoins in exchange of a decryption key. The IIB of India issued a statement that around 30 servers were compromised in the incident […]

Avos Ransomware takes control of emergency systems in Bluefield University

It is customary for the ransomware spreading hackers to take control of the systems and encrypt them until a ransom is paid. In double extortion cases, the hackers steal data and then encrypt the database. And if the victim fails to pay the ransom on time, they sell the siphoned data on the dark web […]

SSD with in-built ransomware prevention capabilities

Can you imagine Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid-State Disks (SSD) being immune to ransomware attacks? Well, a company named Cigent says so! It claims to have produced the first SSD with built-in ransomware protection, thus saving users from having their information stolen and encrypted with malware. The Cigent Secure SSD+ has a built-in processor […]

Trending Google news headlines on Ransomware, Penalties and Espionage

1.) AhnLab, a South Korean cybersecurity firm, has issued an alert about a ransomware attack on Microsoft SQL Servers that are being bombarded with Trigona Ransomware payloads meant to encrypt files after stealing data. Hackers induce the same ransomware via brute force or dictionary attacks, where hackers use easy-to-guess credentials to bypass logins. Trigona was […]

LockBit Ransomware gang focusing on MacOS

For the first time in the history of Apple Inc, a notorious ransomware-spreading gang seems to have shifted its focus to MacOS-loaded laptops. The LockBit Ransomware Group has now developed encryptors targeting Macs, thus extending their crimes from Windows, Linux, and VMware ESXi servers to Apple computers. According to the analysis of MalwareHunterTeam, the encryption […]

Now ransomware leads to three more additional Cyber Threats

To almost all who are familiar with ransomware attacks, it just means data encryption until a ransom is paid. However, in recent years, especially after the first lockdown, hackers involved in spreading this file-encrypting tactic have evolved or changed their tactics to create more seriousness among victims. Yes, you read it right! According to an […]

Ransomware hackers turn nasty by sharing intimate patient photos

This is unimaginable, but is taking place in practical, seriously! Russian ransomware gang BlackCat Ransomware group has targeted a hospital operating in Pennsylvania this time and are threatening to leak intimate photos of the patient, say their private parts, taken during a radiology or some kind of scan tests. Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), Lackawanna […]

Ransomware Attack news headlines trending on Google

According to a press release of Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, the computer systems at a ransomware attack disrupted the said hospital, this cancelling nearly 90 emergency operations and disallowing 3000 patients going for a general checkup. The attackers conducted the attack on Sunday last week, bringing down lab facilities, emergency operations and pharmacies at 3 […]

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