Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

A ransomware attack launched on the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center has shaken the National cyber directorate so much that it issued an economic warning to the healthcare sector operating across the country urging them to fix their cybersecurity defenses as early as possible. Statement released on a combined note by the Cybersecurity directorate and the […]

Over 80 million ransomware samples analyzed by Google

Google has announced that it has carried out a study on over 80 million ransomware samples, out of which Israel submitted most. However, the fact is that the internet juggernaut commissioned Cybersecurity company VirusTotal for this project, which recruited a team of experts to analyze the submitted file encrypting malware samples that targeted individuals, government […]

Russia launches some devastating ransomware attacks

Lindy Cameron, the head of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has openly announced that Russia launches devastating ransomware attacks on its critical infrastructure. The lady also expressed her anguish on how the Putin led government was showing a deaf ear against their repeated complaints n reminders on how hackers from Russian country were launching […]

US businesses lost $21 billion to ransomware attacks

US businesses reportedly lost $21 billion in a series of ransomware attacks propelled downtime that took place last year. And the results were released by a survey carried out by research firm Comparitech After analyzing information from several resources such as data breach reports, IT news bits, and some reporting tools by states, researchers from […]

Joe Biden to unite 30 countries against Ransomware Cyber Threats

US President Joe Biden’s administration has plans to unite over 30 nations to launch a collective fight against ransomware threats and other cyber crime. The meeting is said to take place only by the end of this month and will be hosted by the White House’s National Security Council on a virtual note. Highly placed […]

Baby girl dies due to a ransomware attack

For the first time in the history of digital attacks, a ransomware attack on a hospital network is said to have led to the death of a baby girl in April 2020. And the mother of the dead girl has sued a hospital for not only failing to mitigate a cyber attack but also hiding […]

REvil ransomware gang cheat through odious partner programs

Usually we do not encourage such tactics of earning money through cyber frauds. However, in order to warn those interested, we have published this article. The next time if you are thinking to join a ransomware as a service scheme of REvil group to earn some money through extortion or to take vengeance, you better […]

Ukraine hackers spread ransomware to US Healthcare Company

Family Medical Center (FMC) of Michigan, a healthcare center supported by government funding, was targeted by a ransomware attack in July this year. Preliminary inquires revealed that the hackers could have accessed patient info and some medical research work along with the financial credit data. But a detailed investigation launched by the firm stated the […]

Hidden costs incurred after being targeted by ransomware attacks

As soon as we hear or read about a ransomware attack on a company, we are in a state of mind that the business needs to pay only the ransom in order to avoid a loss to its data continuity on a permanent loss. But we never think or bother about the hidden/unexpected costs that […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

1.) The Department of Justice of South Africa suffered a ransomware attack on September 6th,2021 and news is out that the government’s purposed legal cell hasn’t recovered its data from the attack yet. Therefore, the malware attack has resulted in the blockage of email and website services to employees and to the public even today- […]

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