Laptop loss costs more than ransomware attacks

IT Staff who have opted for a hybrid work culture or those on the move often experience device loss. Issue deteriorates when the ICO imposes a penalty on the company because their staff have lost laptops because of their negligence or misfortune, Taking context of staff losing laptops into account, the Information Commissioner Office has […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

First is the news related to Southampton County of Virginia, as information is out that personal information of many county populaces was stolen in a ransomware attack that occurred in September 2022. Details are in that cyber criminals gained access to a server at Southampton and siphoned details such as name, social security numbers, driving […]

Russian hacker spreading LockBit ransomware arrested in Canada

The US Department of Justice arrested a Canadian Citizen born in Russia for spreading Lockbit ransomware. Michael Vasiliev, a 32-year-old, was arrested by the law enforcement department and will soon be extradited to the United States for further prosecution. Details are in that the arrest was made after a 2-3 years long investigation concluded and […]

Microsoft says it’s not possible to disrupt the ransomware spread

Cyber Crime, especially ransomware spread, has reached a stage where tech companies are finding it difficult to stop or at least disrupt it. American Technology giant Microsoft has a similar overview on the ransomware distribution and concludes that it is almost impossible to disrupt ransomware. Tom Burt, the CVP of Customer Security, Microsoft has come […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

Microsoft, the technology giant of America, has linked Clop Ransomware gang’s whereabouts to a corporate network that was previously hit by Raspberry Robin worm. Meaning the said malware is acting as an access point to hackers spreading the said version of file encrypting malware. First spotted in September 2021, Raspberry Robin was found distributing to […]

Ransomware attack halts circulation of newspapers in Germany

Ransomware attack on ‘Heilbronn Stimme’, the German newspaper, has halted the distribution of newspapers, including a 28-page epaper since Friday last week. Although the company tried to manage things by printing the missed-out edition via an emergency 6-page news theme, it did not publish any sensitive news as the blocks were already filled with obituaries […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

Lloyd’s London, a leading insurance trader in the world, has apparently experienced cyber attack that is currently being deeply probed. The company issued a press statement that it has hired a cyber experts team to investigate the incident and those behind the attack. Because, UK is supporting Ukraine in its war with Russia, the suspicion […]

Is backup the only solution to block ransomware threats

Well, to a certain extent, yes, say security experts! As it helps in recovering data when any untoward situation arises. However, the data backup must be done technically and must be efficient enough to be help users recover from a cyber incident with minimal downtime and public embarrassment. Coming to the backup, there is a […]

Corrupting files is easy than spreading Ransomware

Cyderes, a Cybersecurity Risk Management firm from Missouri, has discovered that corrupting files are proving cheaper, is faster and is less likely to be detected by security solutions. For this reason, some hacking groups who were into ransomware attacks have set up a separate sect of threat actors who are being assigned the job of […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

Three Iranian Nationals were indicted by the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the FBI on Thursday on ransomware charges hitting the US Critical Infrastructure. The Culprits named in the court documents are Ahmad Khatiba Aghda, Amir Hussain, and Mansoor Ahmadi believed to be living in Iran. Anyone who discloses the information of the criminals will […]

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