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The first news that’s related to cyber attack and trending on Google is about a company named REGIS that has become a target to a sophisticated cyber attack on a recent note.

The firm is into the service of elderly people says that some hackers are threatening to release a portion of sensitive data that was stolen in a ransomware attack from its servers and they have notified all users via email whose personal details were publicly released on a tech forum last week.

REGIS Australia has stated in a media briefing released today saying that data related to one of its staff members and a few residents from Adelaide who have taken aged care services on a recent note were affected.

Australian Government’s Cyber Security Center issued a warning to all healthcare facilities operators across Australia that they need to raise their defense-line against cyber attacks. Also, the federal agency stated that Maze Ransomware group is suspected to be behind the ransomware incident that targeted REGIS aged care facility.

Coming to the second most trending news headline on Google, Australia’s Telecommunication provider ‘Telstra’ has admitted that a cyber attack that hit its servers on Sunday(i.e. Aug 2nd,2020) have created connectivity issues to internet users living in eastern states of Australia that includes Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Telstra released a press statement early today stating the attack was a DDoS-denial of a service genre that flooded fake web traffic to its servers. However, the company has denied any data compromise in the incident as speculated in some media resources.

Hacking down a DNS Infrastructure of a company that is aiming to build 75% of the 5G network across Australia is interesting…..isn’t it?

Note- On August 4th,2020 the company issued a press statement that the network disruption caused on last weekend was not due to a malicious cyber attack, but due to technical issue with the domain name server…..oops!

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