Cyber Attack on Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs!


A Cyber Attack was launched on Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs which eventually led to the breach of dozens of email accounts. As per the details available to the media, the attack was a mimic of the one which took place on the US Democratic Party last year.

Czech’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs was a target of cyber attacks every week. But in Jan’17 the severity of the cyber attacks deteriorated to such as extent that the Ministry had to announce it to the media on a harsh note.

Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek said that the attack was launched by a Foreign State, but failed to name any country in the context.

Zaoralek also assured that no confidential info was compromised in this attack as the Internal Communication Systems remained untouched.

A government source reported to Reuters that Russia might be the nation behind the attack as all evidence point towards the federal nation.

Last year, in October, the police of Czech detained Russian Citizen Yevgeniy Nikulin, who was named as a culprit for hacking computers of social media companies.

And as Czech Republic is a member of the US-led NATO Military Alliance and the European Union, Russian Cyber Army could have launched the cyber attack out of vengeance.

It is a known fact that Russia had heavily influenced US 2016 Elections to turn the poll results in favor of US President Donald Trump. Though the CIA claims to have enough evidence to prove it Donald Trump said that it’s just a political conspiracy to dethrone him.

Czech’s National security Agency is yet to analyze the situation in other state offices to make sure that there were not targeted by the cyber attacks.

Therefore, when the polls of a highly developed nation can be governed, why not the Ministry of Czech Republic…?

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