Cyber Attacks are grave risks to National Security, says US President Joe Biden


The newly elected US President Joe Biden has called the recent SolarWinds cyber attack as ‘Grave’ and has called Trump administration to answer a few questions on why the staff members of Mr. Trump were busy in diverting the blame on China from Russia.

Although, our sources could not gain any content from the conversation that took place between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump, confirmed reports say that the call was forwarded to one of the staff members as Mr. Trump had no clue why his admin staff pointed out the finger towards China.

A media update released by one of the spokesperson of the Biden admin said that the attack was a threat to national security and the breach could be termed as one of the biggest ever cyber attacks that took place in the history of North America. The representative of the president confirmed that the administration will look to confront the former government on Bipartisan basis.

In one of the pre-holiday remarks President Biden said that the attack cannot go unanswered and added that a serious probe will be launched soon.

Note 1 – The 77-year-old is said to assume office on January 20,2021 and will serve as the 46th president of united states who won through the democratic party.

Note 2- A couple of weeks back, Cybersecurity firm FireEye confirmed that a malicious cyber attack could have hit over 46 companies operating in united states and that includes American firm Cisco. Later, down the probe, it was found that the attack was launched through a software vulnerability of SolarWinds that gave a key to the hackers to target the database.

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