Cyber attacks on Indian Government websites due to comments on Prophet Muhammad

Indian Government websites are seeing a rise in cyber attacks after one of the former BJP leaders, Nupur Sharma, made some nasty comments on Prophet Muhammad. Terrorist organizations like Al-Qaida and others from Iran outfits have pledged to take control of India’s Aadhaar and electoral database if the suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma doesn’t issue a public apology and is not punished by the court of law.

A hacking group from Malaysia named DragonForce has launched a series of digital attacks on the Indian embassy of Israel, the National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management, and the e-Portal of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research web portal.

Information is now out that within just 33 hours, about 70 websites from India were assaulted digitally with a warning that more such attacks will follow if the government doesn’t take any harsh action against the now-suspended lady spokesperson of BJP.

Most of the targets were educational institutions such as the Delhi Public School, Bhavans, and Symbiosis Institute.

Interestingly, out of the 70 websites that were targeted, 50 web portals that were defaced were from Maharashtra, spooking rumors that the hack had something to do with the government of Maharashtra, which is not on good terms with the ruling BJP Party.

Note- Nupur Sharma, who is a lawyer turned politician, made recent remarks on Prophet Muhammad, his third wife, Aisha, and her age at the time of marriage. She was appointed as a National Spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2020. But because of her irresponsible comments on Gyanvapi Mosque Dispute, in a public debate on a National Channel received suspension on June 3rd of 2022.


Naveen Goud
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