Cybersecurity for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar bolstered


FIFA World Cup 2022, the football event that is going to be a cynosure of the entire world, will be held in Qatar this year and authorities and organizers are taking all precautions to bolster the Cybersecurity posture for the entire event.

Hotel bookings, ticketing systems, restaurant bookings will probably be the first target for hackers and so cyber security experts are taking all precautions to secure the personal data of travelers, players, event managers, organizers and such.

Usually cyber criminals use phishing, and social engineering attacks to steal personal and financial stuff. And those holding the FIFA games in the Arab country are concerned that the event might become a soft target to such hackers as all such information can be sold at a high price point on the dark web.

So attendees and those watching the event online are being asked to safeguard their defense-line against such malicious attacks by keeping their IT infrastructure guarded from digital attacks, be aware of online scams and open no suspicious emails that boost to sell tickets at discounted prices and offer major discounts of sporting goods.

To curtail all such cyber threats, Interpol held an online meeting with the event organizers in Qatar- all as a part of Project Stadia, a government funded project to look into the security activities of major sporting event.

Coming to the physical security arrangements, Turkey, France and UK will send troops around 3000 military personnel from each nation to defend the event from any kind of airborne threats such as drone attacks. Maritime security forces from UK will supervise the anti-terrorist activities and protecting the participants, referees and supporting staff.

More details will be updated shortly!

NOTE- FIFA the Men’s Football Championship will be held in between November 21st 2022 to December 18th, 2022. 32 teams will take part in the event and the football tournaments will be hosted in about 8 cities.


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