Cybersecurity Startup Tanium uses sensitive customer data in its Marketing Demos


End Point Security and Systems Management Company Tanium has been accused by El Camino Hospital for using its sensitive patient data in demos meant to impress prospective clients.

The Wall Street Journal latest revelation alleges that the security startup used the customer data without permission in all its demos meant for promotion between 2010-2015. A spokesperson for the hospital told the Journal that they never authorized Tanium to use their live network for promotion and wasn’t aware of this activity to date.

Orion Hindawi, the CEO of the $3.5 billion worth security startup responded to the media reports by saying that Tanium was an on-premises deployed platform and it would never have access to the customer data, unless and until a customer explicitly provided permission to use it.

So, in this case, Tanium Co-founder and CEO Hindawi said that his company has a written agreement in place to use customer’s data in its demos for luring prospective clients.

Usually, healthcare organizations keep startups at an arm’s distance as they need to comply with HIPAA requirements when it comes to their patient’s data protection. But in recent years, in a bid to protect their customer data, many have collaborated on a healthy note with accelerators and incubators cultivating networks of startups and healthcare partners.

But here Tanium’s is facing a scandalous situation as authorities from El Camino Hospital are accusing the former of using its sensitive data for promotional purposes without any valid consent.

Note- Tanium is a California-based security startup founded in 2007 by David Hindawi and Orion Hindawi. From 2016, Tanium has ranked at 13th position on the Forbes Cloud 100 List.

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