Details on Dropbox Hack and Danish Train Cyber Attack


Dropbox has confirmed that some of its code related data was stolen by hackers after they gained access to 130 of its GitHub repositories via employee credentials stolen in a phishing attack. The cloud storage company detailed in its statement that the incident took place on October 14th and was alerted by GitHub the next day.

All the affected systems were quarantined, and the emails sent by them were also dumped into trash. However, some of them landed in the inboxes of Dropbox and one among impersonating CircleCI led to the data leak.

The technical team is investigating on those behind the incident and is also trying their best that the stolen data doesn’t land on the dark web or is misused.

Coming to the next incident that is extremely concerning. One of the Danish Train was stopped as the locomotive driver could not establish a digital communication with the network and was in a dilemma on whether to run the train.

Yes, the incident took place during the weekend and resulted from a cyber attack that took place on an IT subcontractor working for DSB, a Denmark-based train network. The issue started when the hackers took control of the software testing environment of the IT sub-contractor and compromises an employee detail and use it to take control of the locomotive operating environment to disrupt the train network. This led to the stoppage of the train as the driver could not speak to the Control Centre, connect to the nearby station and couldn’t analyze the train signaling systems.


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