Emma Watson remains unperturbed by Cyber Attacks!


British Actress Emma Watson has made it official that she is going to take serious action against Celeb Jihad for launching a cyber attack on her digital database and stealing her N### photos.

As per our sources, the images were leaked when some iCloud hackers managed to break into the account of the Harry Potter actress Emma Watson to steal her dress change images in 2014.

Now, the hackers of those Fappening images have resurfaced and made the personal memorabilia of the Ms. Watson available to the media. 
In the year 2014, reports emerged in the media saying that a hackers group has succeeded in breaking into the accounts of many iCloud accounts and have managed to disperse those images to hundreds of commercial websites.

Among those leaks were some personal pics of Emma Watson which show her trying a swimsuit costume for a photo shoot. The image clearly shows the ‘privates’ of the model turned actress which are now a rage on the dark web.

Actress Amanda Seyfried was also a victim of this cyber espionage; where the hackers threatened to spread the personal pictures of the celebrities, if in case, they refuse to pay an amount as a ransom.

Both Amanda and Watson have called in their lawyers for help and have issued a warning to hackers that they have to face serious consequences for causing embarrassment driven mental agony to them.

In one of her media interactions, Emma Watson said that she doesn’t care about the explicit photos which were leaked online. She added that she has very little time to show concern for all these petite things.

Note- Emma Watson is the same girl who made her acting debut with Harry Potter in 2001 and rose to fame in the later series. She has also won many accolades for portraying the character of Hermione Granger in “Harry Potter” and after series.

Naveen Goud
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