Estonia faces Russian Cyber Attack for removing Soviet World War 3 Monument

Estonia has made it official that it has faced the biggest cyber attack in the country’s history for removing Soviet World War 3 monuments that were dedicated to war veterans. Lukas Ilves, the Chief of Digital Transformation, confirmed the news and added that the digital assault was minor and did not result in serious disruption.

Going deep into the details, the said country, which is in Northern Europe, has experienced a huge Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, aimed to cripple websites of public and private entities, like the one launched on the Online Citizen Identification System.

As Estonia is a NATO affiliated nation and is against the war of Russia with Ukraine, Putin backed Killnet hacking group is suspected to be behind the incident.

The reason for such a serious assault is simple. Just because Estonia removed a Soviet Tu-34 tank from the display at Narva to a museum, the cyber attack was launched…..couldn’t it be solved with some words of talk?

Lithuania and Estonia are two new nations that intended to join NATO as soon as the Russian war with Kyiv started in February this year. As both the nations are supporting Ukraine by supplying essential commodities to innocent civilians, Putin has tagged both the nations as adversaries to Russian Federation from April this year.

NOTE- The war between Ukraine and Russia is soon going to end as the latter has faced extreme criticism from its populace, from the entire world and now its own military personnel. It is facing an extreme scarcity of arms and ammunition on the battlefield and so should solve the issue through a fresh dialogue.


Naveen Goud
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