Estonia faces Russian Cyber Attack for removing Soviet World War 3 Monument

Estonia has made it official that it has faced the biggest cyber attack in the country’s history for removing Soviet World War 3 monuments that were dedicated to war veterans. Lukas Ilves, the Chief of Digital Transformation, confirmed the news and added that the digital assault was minor and did not result in serious disruption. […]

Ransomware attack lands man in jail for 66 months

A ransomware attack launched on American companies was probed deeply and led to the arrest of a man from Estonia. The man was arrested with full evidence and so he was sentenced to a 5-year jail term or for 66 calendar months by the US Department of Justice. Maksim Berezan is the 37-year-old man found […]

US dispatches Cyber Attack Thwarting Warriors to Estonia

In the first of its kind cyber support between nations, the US military reportedly dispatched a team of cyber warriors to the small Baltic nation named Estonia to thwart cyber attacks launched on its critical infrastructure by Russia. Actually, the entire operation was started in September 2020 to help the NATO nation from the cyber […]

Google trending news headlines related to Cybersecurity

Firstly, the news headlines which are trending on Google and related to Cybersecurity happens to be an agreement made between Estonia and the United States. According to sources, both countries have recently signed an agreement to share cyber threat intelligence in order to automate the data exchange related to cyber threats. A company named Cybernetica […]

Six Nations with best Cybersecurity Measures

In today’s cyber landscape, every individual, business, government entity, and the country is prone to cyber attacks. But do you also know that they are some nations existing in this world which have the best defensive measures when it comes to cyber security?  Surprised…. aren’t you? But here’s the list to authenticate the subject and […]

World’s first major coordinated Cyber Attack completes ten years of Journey!

In the year 2007, cyber crooks took advantage of the political unrest to unleash world’s first major coordinated cyberattack on the critical infrastructure of Estonia. And as a result of this cyber espionage, digital assets of many banks, media, the police and government departments went disrupted for many days. The attacks were carried out through […]

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