Six Nations with best Cybersecurity Measures


In today’s cyber landscape, every individual, business, government entity, and the country is prone to cyber attacks. But do you also know that they are some nations existing in this world which have the best defensive measures when it comes to cyber security?  Surprised…. aren’t you? But here’s the list to authenticate the subject and is being provided by Analytics Insight.

USA- In the past couple of years, the US under the leadership of Donald Trump has shown a lot of interest in keeping the digital assets of the nation safe and secure from cyber attacks launched by adversaries like Russia, China, Iraq, and North Korea. And have to agree that the nation has succeeded in doing so to a large extent in recent years. One of the methodologies that the nation has deployed is to encourage companies and individuals in practicing the best policies when it comes to cyber security. And with the able support from media, the nation has to a major extent succeeded in creating awareness among the populace on how the current cyber landscape is evolving, how to execute the security strategies in the situation, outlay the principles, address the issues related to cybercrime to the core, and protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats. Hopefully, all is going as per plan and as per the objective of Trump till date to make the nation strongest when it comes to cybersecurity.

Russia- All these days we have seen many nations like the US, UK, and Ukraine blaming Russian for launching cyber attacks on their computer networks, firewalls, and other digital equipment of public utilities like power grids. US security agencies went a bit ahead by accusing Russia of influencing the 2016 Polls in the favor of Trump. But has anyone ever thought that how secure is Russia when it comes to nation’s cyber security defenses? Well, to be honest, the nation’s leader Vladimir Putin might have already realized the underlying sensitivity in the subject and has ensured that his nation’s IT assets remain isolated from threats and risks forever. A source from Putin’s administration said that the nation’s government assets are already made foolproof and now the focus is to strengthen the cyber defenses of the organizations operating in the region.

Israel- Tel Aviv is already famous across the world as an IT hub giving Israel an applaudable status when it comes to Information Technology and software. At the same time, the nation is also known to put a lot of resources into cybersecurity education which begins as soon as the mid-school. Research firm Analytics Insights says that the said nation stands 2nd just behind the United States for securing the public and private infrastructure from cyber attacks- all thanks to the R&D being provided by the nation’s intelligence when it comes to tracking down the threats, analyzing them and then mitigating them with utmost security measures.

China- Since 2017, China has focused a lot on cybersecurity by outlining an exclusive act called “Cyber Security Law”. The objective of the law is to create awareness among the public on national security, safeguard cyberspace sovereignty, and protect the legal rights and interest of the citizens. But is the law really helping the public….? Well, that’s a different question to debate on another day.

Spain- This nation already has contingency courses of action for national cyber and a recent study claims that the endeavors have been dedicated to secure the nation from threat raised from different spheres. Thence reaction to cyber attack incidents has drastically increased in the past two years, making the nation strong when it comes to mitigating the cyber threats mainly on national infrastructure.

Estonia- The said nation is now being considered as a heavyweight in cybersecurity knowledge- especially after experiencing a disastrous cyber attack in 2007. And so this made NATO come up with a largest cyber defense exercise in Estonia in 2016. Called as ‘Cyber Coalition 2016’ the 3-day event has been attracting a lot of attention from the cyber industry since then with over 700 cyber defenders attending it on a yearly basis which includes Government officials, legitimate specialists, military officers, academics and industry delegates.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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