Ransomware attack lands man in jail for 66 months

A ransomware attack launched on American companies was probed deeply and led to the arrest of a man from Estonia. The man was arrested with full evidence and so he was sentenced to a 5-year jail term or for 66 calendar months by the US Department of Justice.

Maksim Berezan is the 37-year-old man found guilty of the ransomware attack launched by Russian criminals on American businesses between April 2019-2020 and reportedly led to a $53 million loss.

Berezan was arrested in November 2020 from Latvia and extradited to the USA in April 2021 for indulging in cybercrime such as wire frauds on banks, assisting ransomware criminals from Russia to buy and sell software tools & services, and stealing money from cryptocurrency exchanges.

The probe was halted for some time because of the COVID-19 pandemic and, in the meantime; the cops investigated the computers operated by the Estonians to find $11 million accumulated from ransom payments.

Some portion of the currency was spent by Maksim to buy two red and black porches, a Ducati Motorbike, and some jewelry, and the same portion was found to be transferred to his Bitcoins wallet.

The Eastern District of Virginia has asked the culprit to pay $36 million as compensation to victims for the incurred losses along with the sentenced jail term.

Note- The news was released by the law enforcement agencies of the United States to enlighten the minds of the cyber crooks that all their digital fraud indulgence will end up for prosecution one day. And the department of justice thanked the Latvian State Police and Estonian Police to help nab the criminal and extradite him to North America.


Naveen Goud
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