Ransomware Attack

Can a Cyber Threat Abruptly Evolve into a Ransomware Attack

In today’s digital landscape, the evolution of cyber threats poses significant challenges for individuals and organizations alike. One pressing concern is the sudden escalation of a seemingly minor cyber threat into a full-fledged ransomware attack. This phenomenon has become increasingly common, raising questions about the speed and unpredictability of cyber threats’ transformations. Cyber threats encompass […]

Ransomware spreading Criminals demanding $10m from Paris Hospital

A noted ransomware spreading gang has put forward a $10m proposal before the management of a Paris hospital and is interested in freeing up the data from encryption only when they get the demanded ransom. The CHSF Hospital Centre in Corbeil-Essonne’s, Paris, is the victim that is in discussion and the computer attack is said […]

Ransomware attack shuts down a US College permanently

All these days, we have seen businesses shutting down on a permanent note because of sophisticated ransomware attacks; but here’s some news that is related to an educational institution which chose to shut down as it became a victim of a massive ransomware attack. US’s Lincoln College has posted a notice on its website confirming […]

Costa Rica declares ransomware emergency and Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack fetches $1 Million penalty

The government of Costa Rica declared a national emergency on May 8th, 2022, Sunday, as most of its government websites were impacted by ransomware, disrupting servers and back-end operations to the core. Rodrigo Chaves, the President of Costa Rica, released an official statement on this note and added that the hackers were demanding $10 million […]

Sophisticated ransomware attack on Oil India Limited triggers fuel supply concerns

Amid the growing costs of fuel in India, all because of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, a sophisticated ransomware attack has hit the Indian subcontinent that could throw the entire nation into big trouble of fuel shortage. Oil India Limited (OIL), an Assam based fuel producing and supplying company, has made it official […]

Ransomware attack lands man in jail for 66 months

A ransomware attack launched on American companies was probed deeply and led to the arrest of a man from Estonia. The man was arrested with full evidence and so he was sentenced to a 5-year jail term or for 66 calendar months by the US Department of Justice. Maksim Berezan is the 37-year-old man found […]

Russian ransomware attack was to black out nearly 3m Australian homes

A ransomware attack that has completely blacked out nearly 3 million Australian homes has now be attributed to Russian hacking gang ‘Wizard Spider’; unlike Chinese hackers, as speculated by a certain section of media a few days back. Queensland CS Energy, that witnessed a digital disruption on November 27th, 2021, has now found that the […]

Ransomware gangs targeting companies in M&A transition

United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, shortly known as FBI, has issued a warning that all those companies in the process of merger and acquisition should keep their networks secure from ransomware attacks. Often threat actors are behind those firms that are involved in time sensitive monetary events such as merger or acquisition. As it […]

This is how ransomware hackers are putting pressure on victims

All these days we have discussed enough on how ransomware is spreading, how it is affecting and the ransom demand the hackers are making from their victims, respectively. Now, let’s shift the focus a bit towards a less discussed topic on how ransomware attacks could make the victims bow down to the demands of threat […]

Hidden costs incurred after being targeted by ransomware attacks

As soon as we hear or read about a ransomware attack on a company, we are in a state of mind that the business needs to pay only the ransom in order to avoid a loss to its data continuity on a permanent loss. But we never think or bother about the hidden/unexpected costs that […]

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