Ransomware Attack

Russian ransomware attack was to black out nearly 3m Australian homes

A ransomware attack that has completely blacked out nearly 3 million Australian homes has now be attributed to Russian hacking gang ‘Wizard Spider’; unlike Chinese hackers, as speculated by a certain section of media a few days back. Queensland CS Energy, that witnessed a digital disruption on November 27th, 2021, has now found that the […]

Ransomware gangs targeting companies in M&A transition

United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, shortly known as FBI, has issued a warning that all those companies in the process of merger and acquisition should keep their networks secure from ransomware attacks. Often threat actors are behind those firms that are involved in time sensitive monetary events such as merger or acquisition. As it […]

This is how ransomware hackers are putting pressure on victims

All these days we have discussed enough on how ransomware is spreading, how it is affecting and the ransom demand the hackers are making from their victims, respectively. Now, let’s shift the focus a bit towards a less discussed topic on how ransomware attacks could make the victims bow down to the demands of threat […]

Hidden costs incurred after being targeted by ransomware attacks

As soon as we hear or read about a ransomware attack on a company, we are in a state of mind that the business needs to pay only the ransom in order to avoid a loss to its data continuity on a permanent loss. But we never think or bother about the hidden/unexpected costs that […]

Ransomware Attack on Corona Virus Italian Vaccination Registration System

A Cyber Attack has reportedly disrupted the Corona Virus vaccine registration system from morning hours of today and authorities are clueless on when the digital vaccine registration system will be working normally. Going deep into the details, the population living in Lazio Region, including some from Rome were badly affected by the attack that is […]

Ransomware attack on law firm leads to data breach

Campbell Conroy & O’Neil’s law firm has issued a public statement early today that it was a victim of a ransomware attack on February 27th,2021 and the incident could have led to a potential data breach that is under serious investigation. The law firm that has some of the renowned companies as clients has determined […]

First 2020 Ransomware attack on US Election Infrastructure

Hall County, located in Georgia and a few hours away from Atlanta has made it official that the ransomware attack that took place on its government servers on October 7th,2020 might have also impacted the election infrastructure of the state to a certain extent.   Thus, with this surprising revelation, Georgia County happens to be […]

Ransomware Attack on DXC Technology Xchanging

DXC Technology that offers business to business IT services has issued a formal statement that certain systems belonging to its business subsidiary, Xchanging were down due to a ransomware attack. But the good news is that the situation is under control as the company’s IT staff has taken all measures to contain and remediate the […]

Vital questions to answer before paying ransom in a ransomware attack

Is your company vulnerable to ransomware attacks? Or have you been attacked with ransomware already? If so, these are the questions to answer before paying a ransom to those who locked out your database from access.   Better not to Pay- FBI has already released a press update in November last year that the best practice […]

Australia Toll Group suffers Nefilim ransomware attack

For the second time this year, Australian logistics company Toll Group has revealed that it has suffered a ransomware infection which disrupted the operations of several of its servers.   And the interesting part of this second ransomware attack is that the company witnessed a new variant of malware infection dubbed Nefilim where hackers spreading […]

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