Ransomware spreading Criminals demanding $10m from Paris Hospital


A noted ransomware spreading gang has put forward a $10m proposal before the management of a Paris hospital and is interested in freeing up the data from encryption only when they get the demanded ransom.

The CHSF Hospital Centre in Corbeil-Essonne’s, Paris, is the victim that is in discussion and the computer attack is said to have taken place on Saturday night last week.

According to French Government Centre for Combating Digital Crime (C3N) the demand has been placed in dollars and that needs to reach the hackers in cryptocurrency.

To counter the troubles met by the cyber incident, CHSF Hospital having a 1000 bed capacity immediately triggered its white plan emergency operation from the morning hours of Sunday, all to keep the data continuity to the health services intact.

Concerning, the ransomware attack has disrupted the operations of the business software, data storage servers and information related to the patients. However, the good news is that the data is backed up and so we can term the interruption as temporary.

NOTE 1- From the past few years, the healthcare sector has become a soft target to major ransomware attacks such as the WannaCry malware attack that crippled the servers of NHS to the core in the year 2017.

NOTE 2- The ransomware group that targeted CHSF is yet to been kept under wraps and will be revealed shortly!

Note 3- As the NCSC of the UK is acting as an information-sharing hub related to cyber-attacks, the threat impact details have been shared to it by the hospital authorities. The National Authority for the Security and Defense of Information Systems (Anssi) is also busy investigating the incident and suspects the hand of a Russian funded ransomware spreading group.


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