Facebook acquires Bloomsbury AI to curb Fake News


Facebook is said to be getting ready to buy a London based AI startup named ‘Bloomsbury’, as part of its effort to defend its social media platform from being proliferated with fake news.

According to a news post of Techcrunch, Facebook’s plan with the acquisition is to use the technology of Bloomsbury in policing strategies to combat with the circulation of profane content on its platform since US 2016 Polls.

The financial details of the deal are yet to be disclosed on an official note. But sources from Techcrunch say that the deal could be valued in between $23 and $30 million.

Since, March 2017, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook has been trying hard to keep his social media platform free from baseless speculations. To realize his objective, the world’s top social media platform is said to be relying on content moderation strategies which are driven by technology and automated processes, apart from hiring a team of content moderators numbering 6K.

London based Bloomsbury offers Facebook an accomplishment to build natural language processing technology where machines learn to answer certain questions based on the information collected from the documents.

Facebook is planning to use Bloomsbury AI technology to curb fake news and to tackle with other content issues.

More details are awaited!

Note- Bloomsbury AI offers a product called CAPE which reads and analyses text documents and answers questions about the content, including those which involve a bit of reasoning and synthesis. The future plan is to make the content analyzer work on images and videos and support the Human content editors of Facebook with thorough analysis.

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