Facebook says no compensation to EU users for Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Facebook users from Europe expected for compensation from the Mark Zuckerberg’s Company when the latter was found guilty in the recently discovered Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

But the social media networking giant announced yesterday that there would be no financial payout for affected users from European region- a statement released after Facebook (FB) CEO went to Brussels for a grilling from related authorities.

Thus, all those millions of EU users who expected a compensation of nearly 12,000 pounds might feel extremely disappointed to know that the CEO of their favorite social network has decided to go otherwise.

However, Facebook CEO apologized for the data breach and letting fake news spread across the website and assured that such issues will never-ever erupt in near future.

Now, to those who are unaware of the latest happening in the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal, here’s a quick update.

On Tuesday this week, Mark Zuckerberg attended a grilling on the issue in Brussels where he was found dodging many of the critical question put forward by the law enforcement authorities. He not only answered the questions in a vague manner but took an exit from the parliament just within an hour of his attendance.

The Members of European Parliament (MEPs) were totally dissatisfied with the way the Facebook founder reacted and slammed his obnoxious attitude towards the session.

One of the EU lawmakers argued on Tuesday that Facebook should be made liable to pay compensation to its EU users for breaching their trust.

Mark Zuckerberg replied to them that since no bank details of EU users were leaked in the scandal and his company is not liable to compensate to anyone in any manner.

Damian Collins, the head of British Digital Culture, Media and Sports Committee said that Zuckerberg will have to appear before the DCMS Committee early next month to provide Facebook users the answers they deserve.

Naveen Goud
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