Facebook sues Chinese company proliferating Malware


Facebook (FB) as made it official that it is going to sue Chinese Company ILikeAd Media International for proliferating malware on its platform. The legal suit can result in the arrest of the developer of the website Chen Xiao Cong and marketer, Huang Tao, who is now based in Hong Kong.


An official confirmation from the Mark Zuckerberg led company said that the ad firm in question indulged in fraudulent practices by using celebrity pictures as baits to quench its cloaking marketing campaigns and has been doing it since 2016.


Note- Cloaking is nothing but an ad campaign where the ad content displayed to facebook officials is different from the one being displayed to users.


Facebook authorities claim that I liked tricked the users to click celebrity pics which then led to the malware install. Also, the other theory is that the ads run by the Chinese firm fraudulently made displayed ads related to counterfeit goods, diet pills, male D enhancing and fertility supplements and fake lottery campaigns.


All affected Facebook users have been notified via email that their accounts could have been compromised along with their systems with malware from April this year.


FB is likely to refund $4 million to customers whose accounts were targeted by ILikeAd to run unauthorized advertisements.


Note- ILikeAd is claiming that it never indulged in any fraudulent practices and has openly advertised hoping to capture the market related to product manufactures via facebook.

Naveen Goud
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