FireMon announces an Intelligent Cloud Security Management solution

FireMon, the Kansas-based Proactive Firewall Management, and Security solutions provider have announced today that it is offering an Intelligent Management solution to the world of Cloud Security. Technically speaking, FireMon is offering organizations a global solution to centrally manage their on-premises firewalls for cloud and native firewalls.

As per a study made by the same company, it was discovered that organizations are ready to adopt cloud computing solutions in their corporate environments, provided they know who manages the cloud.

For instance, 90% of organizations are interested in going for a cloud solution. But most of them in the same percentage are eager to know the cloud security falls outside of security operations, which add an extra layer to the complexity of security management.

“Basically, cloud environments are a mirror of traditional enterprise networks, but due to the vast amounts of data stored on cloud servers, they are seen as soft targets by hackers”, said Jody Brazil, Chief Product Strategist of FireMon.

Jody added that cloud providers usually have the security controls for the data stored on their platforms. So, it is the responsibility of the CTO or CIO of organizations to protect their own data on cloud platforms with all necessary tools. However, as they face challenges such as visibility, scalability, and control in their hybrid cloud environments, it impacts their ability to mitigate risk and keep up with business agility and demands.

This is where FireMon’s Intelligent Security Management Platform helps in allowing management of infrastructure as a single pane of monitoring and analysis solution. It actually helps organizations to manage their on-premises security policies to easily extend their support to any hybrid cloud implementation.

FireMon claims that its solution is built in such a way that it can meet the needs of any environment, irrespective of a simple or sophisticated architecture.

FireMon has also made it official in its media interaction that it has partnered with industry’s leading firewall vendors including Check Point software, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Fortinet, and Juniper Networks in order to synchronize its solution.

More details will be updated shortly!

Naveen Goud
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