Football Association of Ireland FAI hit by Cyber Attack

Gardai or the Police Service Association of Ireland has confirmed that the news that the Football Association of Ireland(FAI) was hit by a cyber attack which took place in the last weekend. FAI claims that no data related to seasons tickets and payment details were compromised in the attack as the information is stored off-site.

However, a source from the sports association said on the condition of anonymity that email addresses were surely compromised in the incident. Moreover, information has leaked that email content for 8 years was accessed by hackers.

Ireland’s governing body for the football association has issued a public statement yesterday that a team of forensic computer scientists has been pressed into service to investigate the external filtration and the source of the attack is yet to be determined.

Garda Siochana and the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland aka data watchdog was informed about the cyber attack on Wednesday this week.

Note 1- The cyber attack has occurred on FAI when the football association was going through a financial crisis which made the Ireland government appoint a financial committee to audit the payments made by the sports association between 2015 & 2018.

Note 2- KOSI is the audit firm which has been hired from Northern Ireland to look into the auditing procedure.

Note 3- After the appointment of FAI Ex-employee Noel Mooney as the Interim boss of Football Association of Ireland a lot of vocal criticism was raised by Shane Ross the Minister of Sports, Transport and Tourism and it was after this criticism that the audit was initiated.

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