Gaming industry suffers over 10 billion credential stuffing Cyber Attacks


In an exclusive survey conducted by networking giant Akamai in association with DreamHack- a gaming lifestyle festival, the gaming industry has apparently suffered over 10 billion credential stuffing attacks in the past two years besides the attacks made on 152 million web applications.

Akamai report titled ‘Gaming: you can’t solo security’ says that the attacks were ramped up by hackers during COVID 19 shutdown crisis as more and more people sought gaming as their favorite pastime.

During COVID 19 pandemic propelled global shut down, online gaming served as an entertainment and earning resource to most in the west as over 10 million new accounts were created. So, cyber crooks took advantage of the situation and launched credential stuffing activity leading to severe data breaches.

Over 55% of people who took part in Gaming said that their accounts were compromised as sensitive information was leaked to the hackers. And 20% among them were extremely worried that their stolen credentials can be used at a later stage of life.

“Gaming activity has brought the communities together and many of the companies indulging in gaming business are offering adequate protection to their fans and players”, said Tomas Lykedal, the CSO of DreamHack.

The discovery of the latest findings can help enlighten the players on what is happening in the gaming world and how they need to protect their information while engaging in the gaming field on an international note.

Cyber Criminals seem to make gaming individuals as soft targets as most of them spend their earnings online in a hope that they can earn quick in parallel to getting entertained.

“Hackers are seen launching relentless attacks on gamers as their account information when compromised earns well on the dark web”, said Steve Ragan, Security Researcher of Akamai.

So, it becomes vital for gaming companies to work in tandem and share information to up the technology, vigilance to maintain Cybersecurity hygiene added Mr. Ragan.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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