Generative AI banned by businesses because of data privacy risks

Generative AI has gained widespread adoption globally, finding application in customer service support and supply chain advisory roles. However, a study presented in the Cisco 2024 Data Privacy Benchmark reveals that approximately 27% of organizations have implemented a ban on its usage.

The rationale behind such restrictions is straightforward—concerns over privacy and data security risks. When employees leverage machine learning tools, critical data often needs to be fed into AI systems, raising potential threats to privacy. This could lead to the inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information, including internal processes, employee details, customer information, and project details, posing challenges to legal and intellectual property rights.

Despite these reservations, the utilization of Generative AI can yield significant benefits when data is safeguarded and analyzed in a secure and methodical manner, saving both time and resources.

While skepticism about AI is growing, Google has taken a bold step by unveiling a beta version of its text-to-video generation AI tool named Lumiere. Google’s white paper on the research and development of Lumiere suggests that this innovation could revolutionize web browsing by enabling users to convert text into video content.

Unlike previous tools that generated images from text, Lumiere takes it a step further, allowing the creation of short videos. This raises the question of whether this machine learning tool could pose a threat to YouTubers who regularly produce vlogs with engaging content.

The answer to this question remains uncertain, as the technology is still in its early stages and may require further advancements across various domains. Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, has not clarified whether it intends to make this technology publicly available.

A teaser video released by Google on YouTube demonstrates Lumiere’s capabilities in editing videos, showcasing features like color adjustments to clothing and vehicles. The future trajectory of Lumiere and its potential impact on content creators will unfold over time, as the technology evolves and undergoes further development.

Naveen Goud
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