Google Fi Customer Information leaked in a Cyber Attack


Google Fi, a wireless phone plan offered only to Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary customers, has confirmed a data breach that could have occurred because of a security incident on T-Mobile servers that leaked data related to millions of customers.

Only a limited portion of customer data was reportedly leaked in the attack and accessed information, such as phone numbers, account details, SIM card serial numbers, and mobile billing plan details. An active Redditt user connected to the company suspects the leak of birth of Google Fi Customer Accounts with the breach, which still needs to be confirmed.

Hackers did not take any customer personal information or payment card, the threat actors accessed data in the attack and no data related, says the official statement from the web search giant’s communication subsidiary.

What if they hacked details are used for sim swapping or to clone the number to fraudulently make and receive phone calls and text messages?

The internet juggernaut is busy working with its partners to investigate the incident and assured that it will post more details as its investigation unfolds.

NOTE- Google Fi, a service restricted to US Residents for now, provides virtual mobile services through network providers and is linked with T-Mobile and US Carrier. The service was launched in April 2015 and was launched to support Pixel and series smart phones. Later in the year 2018, the project was re-branded as Google Fi from Project Fi to support more phone models from other OEM brands.


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